Unusual phobias that people struggle with

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Many of us suffer from unusual phobias. It is a very strong fear of something that paralyzes you and makes it difficult to function normally. It can even lead to apnea, fainting or… heart attacks. Strong panic attacks are nothing pleasant, but people all over the world struggle with them every day. Although we know perfectly well that you can be afraid of heights, small areas or darkness, we are not aware of many phobias. We present atypical phobias that people struggle with. Check if any of these apply to you!

Phobias - what is it actually called?

We have already mentioned phobias that are very common. How are they called? Panic fear of heights is acrophobia, of closed, small surfaces - claustrophobia. If you are afraid of the storm, you suffer from brontophobia, while when you faint at the sight of blood, it is most likely haemophobia. Are you frightened by the dark? It's all because of nyctophobia. Responding to spiders in panic is arachnophobia. However, there are atypical phobias which we do not realize or it may seem that they simply cannot exist. In fact, various events and experiences can make persistent anxiety appear in the most unexpected situations and moments.

Unusual phobias

Almost any animal can cause fear, some more severe than others. We have already mentioned spiders. Other examples include ichthyophobia, i.e. fear of fish, pediculophobia - against lice or aquinophobia, i.e. fear of horses.

Let's also look at other, at times, really surprising phobias:

  • Gamophobia - Fear of marriage. And it's not about views or outlook on life and relationships. A person suffering from gamophobia gets a panic attack just thinking about marriage.

  • Uxorfobia - fear of one's own wife. Although it is hard to believe, persistent anxiety can be caused by your partner. Of course, everything indicates that a woman begins to arouse fear only after she is married.

  • Kaligynephobia - fear of beautiful women. Men who suffer from this condition aren't just shy. For them, exchanging even a few insignificant words (e.g. in a shop with a saleswoman) is associated with incredible stress.

  • Duxophobia - fear of the boss. Not only the wife can cause anxiety. A conversation with your boss can also lead to a panic attack. Of course, we often feel stressed before meeting our supervisor, but if our reaction hampers functioning, it is worth realizing that this may be more than just nervousness.

  • Pekkatophobia - fear of committing sin. The person who has suffered from this atypical phobia is in control of every moment of his life. He tries to do everything not to break the commandments.

  • Photophobia - fear of light. While the fear of the dark is said to be much more common, light can also cause it. Such people feel best and safest when it is completely dark.

  • Aerophobia - fear of air. It is hard to imagine a life without air. But what do those who panic must feel? It is difficult to imagine if such a disease does not concern us.

  • Pyrophobia - fear of fire. Fear then arouses not only a big fire, but also an ordinary, theoretically innocent fire.

  • Thanatophobia - fear of death. While many of us fear death, some may react with loss of consciousness or shortness of breath at the mere mention of it.

  • Abemarophobia - fear of missing a stop. When we go to a new place, it seems natural to be nervous about being able to get off in the right place. People who suffer from abemarophobia are very afraid of it and usually the whole journey is very nervous and they spend it with their nose glued to the glass in order not to miss any stop.

  • Colligaphobia - fear of packing. Speaking of travel, it is also worth mentioning the kind of anxiety that arises when we are about to pack.

  • Emetophobia - fear of vomiting and people who vomit. It can lead to eating disorders. People who suffer from this type of atypical phobia are afraid of being in public places as each person in their company is potentially someone who may throw up in front of them.

  • Dendrophobia - fear of trees.

  • Technophobia - fear of technology. People who suffer from it are terrified of anything related to technology or electronics. This can make life extremely difficult.

  • Testophobia - fear of taking tests. Sometimes it may seem to us that someone is simply lazy and has not learned or has high ambitions, and therefore looks nervous before the test, and it may turn out that the person is simply very afraid.

  • Neophobia - fear of change. We don't all like change, but for some of us it is almost insurmountable.

  • Basiphobia - fear of walking. For example, for example, the store is 100 meters away from the place where the person suffering from basiphobia is located - he or she will go there by car or other means of transport, as long as he does not go there.

  • Erythrophobia - fear of redness. People suffering from it fear that someone will make their cheeks burn.

  • Heksakosjoiheksekontahexaphobia - fear of the number 666. According to the Apocalypse of St. John is the number of the beast.

  • Paraskewidekatriaphobia - fear of Friday the thirteenth.

There are so many atypical phobias that you can list them endlessly. However, it is also worth mentioning phobophobia, which is not so much the fear of fear, but its symptoms, such as shortness of breath, fainting, panic attacks, hand tremors, etc.