Hypothyroidism - How is it diagnosed?

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We often ignore a bad mood, decreased concentration or constant fatigue when nothing hurts us. We then think that we just live too fast and work too much, so everything affects our well-being. However, it is worth knowing that there are diseases that carry many symptoms that theoretically would not be associated with any disease. Hypothyroidism is one such case.

Hypothyroidism or depression?

Hypothyroidism has symptoms similar to those experienced by people suffering from, among others, for depression. We are talking about a bad mood, constant desire to sleep, problems with concentration and memory, chronic fatigue, a slightly slow lifestyle or reduced libido, and a weaker appetite. If you suffer from such ailments, let's have a blood test for hypothyroidism. With proper treatment, the depressed mood will disappear and we will feel much better. We may live under the conviction that we are simply having a worse period, but if the disease is left untreated, it will make us feel even worse. Let's go to the family doctor, who will surely tell us what blood tests we should do to make sure what's wrong with us.

Hypothyroidism - other symptoms

While everyone's body reacts to a variety of health conditions differently, the most common causes of hypothyroidism are weight gain. We get fat, even though we actually nourish ourselves and lead the same lifestyle as before the disease. Additionally, hair loss may be an alarm signal for hypothyroidism. If our voice changes and it seems that we still have hoarseness - this may also be the aforementioned condition. It also makes the face round, sometimes a double chin appears.

Are you still cold? Even when the days are hot, can you sit under the blanket? This could also mean that something is going on with your thyroid gland. Also pay attention to your skin. Suddenly she became dry? Knees and elbows look dirty? Each of these factors is a symptom of hypothyroidism.

Is it really hypothyroidism?

It rarely happens that we have every symptom of the disease, as already mentioned, the organisms react individually and thus people with hypothyroidism may lose weight or have problems sleeping. However, if we suffer from ailments that seem to us to be the same as the described problem - let's check it out and don't hesitate. First of all, because treatment almost all symptoms are eliminated. However, if the results are okay and the doctor confirms that it is not hypothyroidism, do not insist, and certainly do not self-medicate. These symptoms may also appear in other diseases. The main thing is not to ignore them and take care of your health.

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