Magnesium deficiency - does it also affect you?

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We live fast, we are often stressed, we drink coffee after coffee, we eat fast food and powdered things. Sometimes we just can't avoid it. Do you stretch in the morning and suddenly feel a painful muscle spasm? Do you have the feeling that your heart is about to pop out and your eyelid is twitching? Are you nervous and a lot of things irritate you, plus how many hours would you not sleep and are you tired anyway? You are probably deficient in magnesium!

Why are so many people deficient in magnesium?

As already mentioned, magnesium deficiency is influenced by too fast pace of life and excessive stress. In addition, it is rinsed out by drinks that we passionately eat, such as coffee or tea. We are also not helped by heavy metals, which are more and more in the environment. Fast life forces us to eat junk food or heavily processed canned or powdered food. It also happens that we take medications that reduce the absorption of magnesium - laxatives, diuretics, contraceptives or sedatives. All these factors mean that more and more people suffer from magnesium deficiency.

For what reasons is magnesium important for our body?

Let's start with the fact that magnesium strengthens our immune system. Thanks to it, unpleasant infections catch us less often. Taken together with calcium, it makes our bones harder. Thanks to magnesium, we are also calmer, we do not succumb to emotions, we do not become aggressive. We sleep better and feel refreshed. In addition, it is easier to concentrate and assimilate knowledge. Magnesium also lowers blood pressure and prevents heart disease. In women, it regulates menstruation, calms down the premenstrual tension and reduces the likelihood of miscarriage.


Hard water contains a lot of magnesium. Where it occurs and where people consume tap water, deaths from heart attacks are less frequent. This is why drinking tap water is promoted in such a way.

Are you suffering from a magnesium deficiency? Check the symptoms!

How is a magnesium deficiency manifested?

  • We are tired, although theoretically we get enough sleep.

  • We get nervous quickly, react aggressively, quarrel for no reason, neurosis and neuralgia appear, although this has not happened to us before.

  • Our eyelid twitches and painful muscle spasms appear.

  • Hair is weak, falls out and breaks.

  • We often get infections.

  • We cannot concentrate, and learning and remembering are difficult for us, although we had no problems with it before.

  • We have panic attacks.

  • We feel palpitations, dizziness, tightness in the chest.

  • Women experience PMS more strongly, they have painful, irregular periods.

  • Anemia can also be a symptom of magnesium deficiency.

Foods rich in magnesium

What natural products will help us supplement magnesium? First of all, they will be cereal products, nuts, cocoa, chocolate, seafood and legumes. If we supplement our diet with them, the probability of unpleasant symptoms of magnesium deficiency will be much lower.

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