Negative opinions about the company on the web - how to react?

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The Internet is one great source of information. On the one hand, the customer can see the detailed offer of a given company, view photos of available products, read articles on how to use a given product. In turn, the entrepreneur can learn about buyers' opinions, learn more about their needs and expectations. On the other hand, potential employees obtain information about the working atmosphere, terms of employment, and the incentive system that characterize a given employer.

The possibility of being anonymous on the Internet contributes to publishing negative comments with virtually no consequences. Not knowing the author of a given post, we cannot refer to it directly and verify whether what was posted by him is true. The company may therefore fall victim to slander and its reputation will be tarnished. How should entrepreneurs react to negative opinions about the company on the web? How should you take care of your image, which is also shaped by internet users' comments?

Who is posting negative opinions about the company on the web?

Currently, on the web, you can identify a group of users called hate. These are people who post negative and sometimes even venomous comments on internet forums, company websites, social networks, and their own blogs. These internet users are primarily interested not so much in expressing their dissatisfaction as in unleashing a stormy discussion. These people take pleasure in filling the virtual space with negative messages.

Haters do not spare businesses. They are particularly interested in large organizations and corporations, which are stereotypically considered to be economic entities using their employees and taking their free time. Internet users denigrate international corporations, but it happens that they are interested in small enterprises. While large companies employ a staff of many people who deal with PR activities, small companies are usually unable to provide themselves with such protection against negative opinions on the Internet.

Businesses shouldn't care too much about haters. In this case, the lack of response from the company may be the solution to the problem. The comment storm will not be triggered, so the person enjoying the satisfaction of spreading negative opinions will give up their business. Attention should be focused on:

  • customers who are not satisfied with the level of service, quality of purchased products or provided services,

  • dissatisfied or unfairly dismissed workers.

Negative opinions about a company on the web - how to react to customer comments?

It is said that a dissatisfied customer has more power to influence than a satisfied customer. The conducted research shows that a buyer who has met with disappointment from the company will inform ten of his friends about it. In this way, it will take away a few potential consumers from the business.

A dissatisfied customer is not ashamed to introduce himself. Negative opinions about the company on the web are posted on social networks, so it becomes possible to find out the identity of the person publishing a given post. This makes it easier to reply. PR staff can contact the author of the unflattering comment by sending a private message. This way it is much easier to resolve the misunderstanding and offer compensation. The buyer's claims may be true, because in the end everyone, even a professional entrepreneur, makes mistakes.

Under no circumstances should negative opinions about the company be removed. If such an action is taken, customers who regularly follow the company's fanpage or its website will notice it immediately. Only then can the reputation of an entrepreneur be tarnished - people do not like those who cannot handle criticism. Therefore, one should leave unflattering entries and respond to them. They can be moderated a bit - for example, remove obscene terms.

How to respond to comments from former employees?

It is much more difficult to take care of the company's image online when former employees give it negative reviews. Usually, the person who believes they have been treated unfairly by their employer will not disclose their name. The entrepreneur will not know who he is dealing with and who is the author of the comment. In such a case, it is difficult to refute the allegations as it cannot be judged whether they are true.

So what can you do? Monitor negative online reviews about your business and make sure that they are counterbalanced by positive reviews. It is worth reviewing what was included in the comment. Perhaps the canteen is indeed too small and the stalls make teamwork difficult. Currently employed employees can also be encouraged to comment on the portal's forum. It should not be implied that the opinion given must be entirely flattering. Reviewers understand that no organization is perfect. Only positive opinions about the company on the web suggest that they are moderated. Building a company's reputation based on dirty PR games will come to light sooner or later. The candidate, tempted by positive comments, will find out what reality really looks like as soon as he starts working in a given company.