The short name of the company on the invoice and the right to deduct VAT


2013 is a year of many changes in the field of taxes, both income and VAT. In connection with these modifications, many taxpayers wonder whether the invoice may contain the company's abbreviated name and whether its inclusion will deprive them of the right to reduce input VAT by input tax.

According to Art. 86 sec. 1 of the act on tax on goods and services, to the extent that goods and services are used to perform taxable activities, the taxpayer has the right to reduce the amount of tax due by the amount of input tax.

However, when it comes to the issue of data that should be included in the invoice, they were specified in the regulation of the Minister of Finance, inter alia, on invoicing. Par. 5 sec. 1 point 3 indicates that the invoice should include the first and last names or names of the taxpayer and the buyer of goods or services and their addresses. Generally, these regulations do not say anything about whether it is a full name or an abbreviated name is allowed.

In connection with the above, reference should be made to the information provided on the VAT-R registration form. If a taxpayer who is not a natural person has completed both the full and short name field, then the invoice contains the short name included in the registration form, the taxpayer has the right to deduct VAT from such an invoice.

In the case of natural persons running a business, the name of the company is the name and surname of the entrepreneur, therefore this data is obligatory.