Short name - can it help in the development of the enterprise?


Enterprises operating in specific organizational and legal forms may use a slightly shorter form in addition to using the full name of the company. When filling a stack of documents, the short name makes the work much easier and faster.

short name

The obligatory element that must appear in the name of a sole proprietorship is the name and surname of the owner. If the founder of the company wants, he can add an element that characterizes the company itself. For example, Jan Nowak, running a sole proprietorship, producing preserves, may name his company "Processed". Then the full name of the company will be PROCESSED Jan Nowak. According to the law, invoices, contracts, court letters and other important documents, the name of the company must contain at least the name of the owner (you can add an additional term), and in everyday use, i.e. on stamps or on letterhead, it will be the company's short name may be used, ie "Processed".

Short name in a civil partnership

In the case of the name of a civil law partnership, the thing is a bit more complex. A civil law partnership does not have legal personality, so it is not an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs are the partners who are bound by the civil law partnership agreement. Pursuant to the provisions of Polish economic law, the full name of a civil law partnership should consist of the names and surnames of the partners listed in succession with the annotation "civil partnership". Due to the fact that sometimes the number of partners is large, the act allows the names in the spelling to be shortened to their first letters. In the abbreviated name, the words "civil partnership" can be replaced with the statutory "s.c." Moreover, the partners may add an element characterizing the organization to the resulting company name. In the case of a civil law partnership, data on invoices and similar documents can also be placed in the form of an abbreviated company name (as long as the data is consistent with those provided in the registration form). Example: Jan Nowak and Mariusz Czapla sign a contract of a civil law partnership dealing in the trade in garden products called "Macgardner". The full name of their company will be "Macgardner - J. Nowak M. Czapla civil partnership", and the short name may be "Macgardner s.c." and can only be used in everyday use.

Short name in a partnership

Pursuant to Polish law, the name of each partnership must contain the surname of at least one partner and the obligatory designation of the organizational and legal form of the company. General partnership - abbreviation "Sp. j. ", partnership company - abbreviation" Sp. p. ", limited partnership - abbreviation" Sp. k. ", limited joint-stock partnership - abbreviation" SKA ". For each of them, on a daily basis it is permissible to use the company name, created additionally in order to increase the distinguishing features. However, it should be remembered that invoices and other important documents should contain the full name, consistent with the one appearing in the National Court Register (only abbreviations of organizational and legal forms are allowed). For example - the aforementioned Jan Nowak and Mariusz Czapla are lawyers and have just established a partnership called NOBILIUS. The full name of the company will be NOBILIUS Jan Nowak Mariusz Czapla partnership.

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Abbreviated name in capital companies

Both in the case of a limited liability company and a joint stock company, it is possible to use a shortened form of these entries - in turn "z o.o." and "S.A.". The body of the name can be chosen freely (however, in accordance with the provisions on the formation of names). For example: a capital company with the name "INVENT" will be INVENT spółka akcyjna in its full name, and the abbreviated name of this company will be INVENT S.A.

Short name - summary

Short company names are a great convenience for entrepreneurs. However, you have to be careful because they cannot be used everywhere. The full names of companies must ALWAYS be used on invoices, contracts or official letters, as entered in the register. The provisions regarding the naming of companies can be found in the Civil Code and the Code of Commercial Companies and this is where it is worth looking for detailed regulations regarding each of the organizational and legal forms.