The most important applications for your company

Service Business


Cloud computing is growing in strength and is successively replacing the traditional software model. Recent data show that applications using the SaaS model are growing at a rate of about 40% per year, and their value has already exceeded the amount of USD 100 billion. This is one of the major trends in the IT industry in recent times, which will surely remain a leader in the near future.

Observers agree that the coming years will be the era of virtual software. This is important information for entrepreneurs because the SaaS model is primarily a business tool. How can you use it in your company?

Virtual drive

Safe storage of data on an Internet drive and access to them from anywhere in the world are the main advantages of this program. By paying a small subscription, the service provider provides us with free space on the server. This solution is mainly used for storing backup copies of documents, statements, presentations, etc. The Internet hard drive protects important data against viruses, disk failures, theft and accidental deletion. In addition, these types of programs allow you to share your files with other users. Thanks to this function, the entrepreneur can make any document available to his employees or contractors at any time - an Internet connection is enough.

Internet accounting

Hiring an accounting office or paying an accounting position is an obvious cost for the company. Minimizing the costs of running your own business allows you to use online accounting. In addition to basic functions such as issuing invoices and settling payments, many platforms also offer keeping registers and books adapted to the form of taxation of the entrepreneur, generating declarations or printing fiscal receipts. Like all SaaS models, online accounting works on the basis of paying a subscription in exchange for using selected tools. Depending on the needs, you can limit yourself to the invoicing package or run your business comprehensively, paying for additional services. The main advantages of such a program are: mobility, data storage security and time savings, e.g. by entering data, the system itself generates and calculates the amounts and statements of interest to us. On the domestic market, there are many programs for independent accounting, e.g., which additionally provides such modules as Human Resources and Payroll, Warehouse Program or CRM.


Customer Relationship Management, i.e. customer relationship management. A service that optimizes contacts with contractors, thanks to such tools as: customer information base, planning activities, analysis of sales relations, or supporting marketing activities. Depending on the size and structure of the company, the entrepreneur can choose a model that suits his needs. It is worth mentioning here that the purchase and implementation of such a system by an external institution is associated with high costs that few companies can afford. This aspect is a key argument that makes online CRM extremely popular among small business and micro-business owners.

Renting an online store

For people who plan to open an online store, one of the basic problems is choosing the right software and space on the server. SaaS has also spread its wings in this case, becoming a serious competition for companies that create online stores. As part of the purchased package, the user receives software, a server, space for a website and a company e-mail box. Simple and intuitive navigation allows you to create an online store without programming knowledge.