The most beautiful cities in the world worth seeing in your life

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There are many beautiful nooks and crannies on our planet that are breathtaking. Some of them are worth visiting, because contrary to appearances, you do not have to fly to the other end of the globe. History, architecture and nature are a very creative team and their creations are everywhere without spending a fortune. The article will present the most beautiful cities in the world.

The most beautiful cities in the world - Venice, Italy

For many people it is called the city of lovers. Whoever has been there will confirm that Venice is a real miracle that you simply must see. The city is unique in every way - instead of streets, we have water channels on which you can navigate by water trams. The views and architecture are also unique. The food served also differs from other regions in Italy. All these factors have caused the entire city to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The most beautiful cities in the world - New York, United States

The American dream comes true in New York. It is here that the greatest stars came without a penny to their hearts. And this is where they managed to achieve everything. In addition, everything is possible in New York, it is a real cradle of artists - actors, musicians, poets. The city was the hero of hundreds of movies, series and novels. It is also breathtaking architecture. This city's nicknames are "capital of the world" and "the city that never sleeps".

The most beautiful cities in the world - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

It has the reputation of a city where people are always smiling and having a great time. Certainly, the opinion comes from the grand celebration of the carnival, which takes on a really huge size in Rio. In addition, it is here that there are two of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Copacabana and Ipanema. Sports fans also do not need to be introduced to Rio De Janeiro - it is here that one of the 12 stadiums hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup is located.

The most beautiful cities in the world - London, Great Britain

Countless museums and monuments, world-famous shopping centers, a famous University. This is just a part of what you can see in London. This multicultural city offers young people practically everything. In London, tradition collides with modernity. In addition, monumental concert halls, over 40 theaters, 5 symphony orchestras and the Royal Opera House have their place here. London is also one of the largest cities in terms of trade in works of art.

The most beautiful cities in the world - Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is the crossroads of many cultures, religions, traditions and cuisines. It lies on the border between the cultures of the East and the West. In Israel, it is impossible not to feel the strong Arab influences, both in the architecture and in the atmosphere of the city. The Israel Museum, located in the center and attracts over a million tourists annually. Another famous site in Jerusalem is also the world's largest Holocaust library. An interesting fact is also the biblical zoo, where animals mentioned in the Holy Bible live. Of course, the most visited by tourists is East Jerusalem, where the Old City is located - the mute hero of biblical events.

The most beautiful cities in the world - Tokyo, Japan

Japanese culture is as exotic as possible. And Tokyo best reflects its uniqueness. In this city, we will find separate districts for Hello Kitty fanatics or a specific subculture. For a typical European in Tokyo, everything will be shocking - from food to people's appearance to culture. As experienced in visiting the city advise - you need to reserve a minimum of a week for the capital of Japan.

The most beautiful cities in the world - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a real gem among European capitals. It is in no way inferior to cities such as Paris and Rome, and at the same time, despite the multitude of tourists, you can feel very intimate and family there. The Old Town is bursting at the seams with monuments, and hospitable Czechs invite you to a beer in small pubs. It is really worth going to Prague, both fans of active leisure and those who prefer leisurely strolls through museums will be delighted with it. Fans of architecture and history will admire it ... maybe otherwise - everyone will admire it.