The best and worst advertising in 2016 - who is on the podium?

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Many companies have long understood that consumers expect valuable content, therefore ordinary advertising, strictly for sale, has less and less impact. Today's advertising must engage the recipient and encourage him to read the history of the brand, but above all, it must appeal to emotions. However, as is usually the case, some companies do very well, others continue to slip up and create advertisements that are hard to admit to later. So which ads delighted us in 2016 and which ones turned out to be a great disaster? In this article, we present a subjectively selected best and worst ads in 2016.

The best and worst ads in 2016

The best ads

The entire campaign "Chce się Ż" is a success of the Żywiec group. It all started with a 60-second spot with a good song that is catchy. Interesting and easy to remember slogan, in which of course "W" means LIFE, makes it an even more interesting project.

After the video materials, it was time for advertisements on billboards, in which there was a play with words, which made them definitely memorable.


Allegro is an undisputed pioneer in the case of storytelling advertising. Hardly anyone knows the hit Christmas advertisement What are you looking for at Christmas? | English for beginnerswhich tells the story of an ordinary person in a cinematic way. Foreign media also wrote about the advertisement, which, in addition to describing the plot, also strongly emphasized that the spot comes from Poland. So far, this ad has gained over 13 million views on YouTube.

However, if by some miracle you have not seen this ad yet, we encourage you to watch it.

The first ING Bank advertising spot as part of the campaign Mine changes everything definitely engages and invites the viewer to learn about the story.

And here is another spot within the campaign Mine changes everythingwhich is probably the best of all in this series.


This time a more serious topic that was presented in a touching way. SickKids Vs: Undeniable is definitely an unusual campaign that aims to draw attention to what young patients and their families struggle with every day. What distinguishes this campaign? There are no tears here, but there is strength and the will to fight. Sick children are presented in the spot as warriors or gladiators who must win the most important fight - the fight for their lives.

The worst ads

In the case of this spot, there is no doubt where in the ranking of the best and worst ads in 2016 it should be. SOTI Natural - clip with Sandy Majka and Jola Romaniuk this is an advertisement that was rather unheard of, but it is definitely one of the worst ones that was created last year.

Last year, the Warsaw School of Advertising launched a controversial advertising campaign to encourage enrollment in this school. Did young people really want to enroll at this university after seeing the billboards with these creations? We do not know this, but it can definitely be suspected that after a large wave of hatred that flowed over this campaign, this university will hardly be forgotten such a "wonderful" creation.

Another, not very successful spot was released by the Jogobella company. Annoying background crunch combined with mismatched dubbing are the two main imperfections emerging from this colorful creation.

Selective compilation - the best and worst ads in 2016 does not fully exhaust the topic, but provides an overview of good and bad practices in creating ads.