The most commonly used internet marketing tools

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SEM and e-mail marketing are still the most effective internet marketing tools. For many years, they have been ranked first in the rankings of the most popular and, at the same time, the most effective tools for internet marketing.

E-mail marketing was the most used communication channel in 2015 - this was the answer from 51% of marketers asked by SmartInsights. The SEO channel came second with 45% of marketers' support. What is the reason for their effectiveness and what opportunities do they offer marketers?

The reason for the popularity of SEM

Setting up an online store nowadays is not a complicated process. There are many tools out there that explain step by step how to set up an online store. But how can you manage it effectively? Effectively, i.e. so that it sells and, above all, be visible on the web. This is what internet marketing tools, such as the popular SEM, are for.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a set of promotional activities aimed at increasing the position of a website or online store in the search results. It includes both free (SEO) and paid (PPC) search engine results. Thanks to the high position in the search engine, we definitely increase our chances on the market. We are visible on the web. It is often the case that after entering the key phrase in the search engine, we only click on the first few results (in the best situation, we check the entire first page), while hardly anyone reaches the second and subsequent pages of searches. A good position in the search engine means higher click-through rates and a good chance of increasing the conversion rate.

Email Marketing

Well-prepared e-mail marketing can be both a sales tool for the owner of an online store and a way to reach people potentially interested in our products (after subscribing to the newsletter). E-mail marketing programs available on the market (eg FreshMail, GetResponse) allow for complete automation of mailing activities. They enable detailed customer segmentation, which allows for the preparation of an offer tailored to the interests or searches of a specific user. E-mail marketing tools offer an increasing range of possibilities - from the responsiveness of newsletters (i.e. e-mail adapted to display on mobile devices), through personalization of the offer in real time, to support for multi-channel communication (omnichannel).

Internet Marketing Tools - What Is Important?

Marketing activities can take place on many levels, but when you are just starting your adventure with e-business, it is worth consulting with industry experts and using them to create a strategy and choose Internet marketing tools.

Search engine activities and e-mail marketing can prove fruitful if they are carried out (at least initially) in cooperation with specialists. SEM is brand visibility in search engines, and e-mail marketing is direct brand-customer communication. Both channels of communication are important and effective.

In the case of email marketing, it is especially important to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Therefore, when choosing a shipping program, it is worth paying attention to whether it has basic monitoring functions, such as: click-through rate (CTR), open message rate (OR) or people who unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Finally, to get a full campaign performance overview, check your conversion rate, return on investment (ROI), and average cost of obtaining a single email address.

The above two most popular internet marketing tools have been found to be the most effective channels of communication with the audience. A consistent and professional e-marketing strategy can bring you a decisive return on investment in the long run and greater visibility on the web.