It is NEVER too late for New Year's resolutions

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Summarizing the past year, who of us do not have at least a few things in mind that they would like to change? We make New Year's resolutions often and willingly, although statistics say that only 8% of people who want to change something really do it. We want to be slimmer, eat healthy, quit smoking, start learning an interesting language and… nothing comes of it. Remember that it is only up to us whether we will be in these magical 8% of people. Is it so hard? Certainly not. First of all, it's worth not to give up and remember that every moment is good for a change. Didn't you make New Year's resolutions at the end of the year? Does not matter! Everything in front of you. You just need to take a few steps to get it done more efficiently and better.

New Year's resolutions - take it easy

One of the biggest mistakes is unnecessary tension and imposing too many New Year's resolutions on yourself at once. Additionally, there is a misconception that we should start each of the intended things on January 1. Thus, when we wake up after a fancy party and we have no strength for almost anything, we do not start a healthy lifestyle and do not reach for language course books - we give up right from the start. We think we have failed again, we didn't need to break our New Year's resolutions, and in fact, such steps are completely pointless. Nothing could be more wrong. Let us not give in to stress, the imposed moment when everything is about to change. The main thing is to be relaxed about everything and measure your intentions. Big, even impossible plans are really hard to fulfill, and thus easy to feel guilty about. In January we usually start many new tasks, if the time at work is tight and we are aware of it at the end of the previous year, let's leave the New Year's resolutions for the next months, when we really have a moment for them.

Start your New Year's resolutions with small steps

In the first months of the year, you can think carefully about the elapsed time. Knowing what we dislike about ourselves the most, what we want to fix, what goals to achieve is the key to success. Sit down and calmly reflect on the past year. Write down what you have perfected and what you expect from yourself in the next months. Don't worry that the new year has already started and you haven't done anything yet. Think carefully about all these points. If you want to lose weight, it's not enough to say to yourself: I'll start going to the gym 5 times a week! First, it may be difficult if you haven't exercised at all before, and second, it is too general a provision. Start with small steps. For example, you can describe exactly what eating habits you want to change, but introduce new things gradually, slowly so as not to get discouraged quickly. Go to the gym, see if you enjoy it, try to exercise at home as well, choose the way that is better for you and then start more intense workouts. Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language? Do not sign up for the six-month course right away, look for someone who can familiarize you with the language, e.g. via the Internet, take a test, check yourself. Don't impose anything too intense on yourself. After all, if you found time for 5 books in the previous year, it will be difficult for you to read 100 publications the next.

I have a weak will, which is why I don't make New Years resolutions

Some say that their will is so weak that no New Year's resolutions make sense. Let us remember, however, that the will is not acquired, inviolable, and nothing can be done about it - quite the contrary! We can exercise it and make it stronger day by day. It is enough to take steps such as giving up a cookie when we feel like it, or logging out of a social networking site that takes up the most of our time. A strong will will allow us to introduce new habits into our lives more easily.

New Year's resolutions and awards

Any motivation is good. Therefore, rewarding ourselves can help us fulfill our New Year's resolutions. As soon as you manage to complete the assigned tasks, do something nice for yourself. Depending on what you like, go for a nice dinner, buy yourself a book, eat something sweet. After all, you deserve it!

New Year's resolutions are a wide-ranging topic, surely everyone has tried to start important changes at this time. Every moment is a good time to start planning and achieving your goals. Let us remember this and do not be discouraged when we fail to fulfill the provisions from the first days of the year. The most important thing is to be aware of what you would like to change and not be discouraged when something goes wrong.