Interpretations in 2 months


Last year, on the website of the Ministry of Finance, taxpayers could read about the Concept for the development of the National Tax Information, which was approved by Jacek Kapica on December 29. These changes are to provide comprehensive support for taxpayers. Most of the changes are aimed at strengthening KIP so that it becomes a nationwide tax information center. The strengthening of KIP is also expected to accelerate the issuing of tax interpretations - in 2015, taxpayers are expected to wait only two months for them. However, this would entail 175 additional jobs. - Additional jobs to strengthen the staff of KIP will come from jobs obtained as a result of the consolidation of support services in the tax administration - assures the Ministry of Finance.

The changes, in theory, bring only benefits. Establishing a nationwide tax information center with KIP will unify the application of the law by tax authorities. As a result, the uniform application of tax law and interpretations will give taxpayers certainty as to the way tax administration authorities apply the provisions of tax law and increase the feeling of stability in this area.

A Tax Portal was also established, which will include all possible forms of communication with KIP - e-mail, helpline, as well as a knowledge base and a database collecting all tax interpretations.

The changes introduced are intended to reduce the number of mistakes made, and also allow taxpayers to have more freedom in fulfilling their tax obligations. Thanks to this, they are to reduce both delays in tax revenues to the state budget and queues at tax offices.