What is the phenomenon of crossfit training?

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We can observe certain trends in every area of ​​life. Also in sports! Some disciplines are suddenly gaining in popularity, and others are recording a sharp decline in interest. What kind of training besides running is hot now? Crossfit!

Crossfit - what is it?

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning training program created by the American Greg Glassman, who started training the California Police Department using his proprietary program. The training turned out to be so effective that it was incorporated into the training of American marines or firefighters. However, one of the main assumptions of crossfit is that it can be practiced by any person who is determined to exercise, regardless of their level of preparation or condition. How is this possible? Crossfit is based on a daily exercise program (so-called WOD - Workout Of The Day), which is performed in a specific, specific number of times - the more rounds, the better (so-called AMRAP - As Many Rounds As Possible). The emphasis is on learning the correct technique for each exercise - so everyone can practice at their own pace. The crossfit system is aimed at everyone: the actors for the film 300, the US Army, as well as beginners and overweight people trained with the same system. The difference is in the intensity and load level, and the training system remains the same. The fight a person fights in crossfit training is a fight with himself and with his limits, and their shifting is visible from training to training.

Burpees - what do crossfit classes look like

Crossfit is a short, general development, intensive training, the result of which is accurately measured. Exercise sets do not isolate individual muscle groups. Most often, the whole body works, which influences the overall physical fitness (GPP - General Physical Preparedness). Crossfit promotes a level of fitness that teaches agility and flexibility; trains athletic fitness, strength and endurance, focuses not only on lifting weights, but also develops speed, balance and precision, and in addition has a positive effect on cardiovascular and respiratory resistance. Crossfit workouts are done in one run and your heart rate remains high throughout the workout. High intensity of classes equals a large amount of calories burned in a very short time, which is why it is an appropriate training also for people who want to lose unnecessary kilograms.

Greg Glassman - the creator of crossfit, has developed many different daily programs, some named after famous people: soldiers, policemen or heroes or with female names (so-called The Nasty Girls - naughty girls). WOD can last from 5 to 30 minutes. Crossfit combines, among others classic strength training (e.g. push-ups, squats, pull-ups, barbell exercises: deadlift, toss, snatch), elements of plyometry (e.g. jumps, multi-jumps), running, swimming and rowing. However, one of the most characteristic exercises that has become part of the crossfit canon is burpee - that is, a jump-up. Last year, this exercise was used in the qualifying rounds for CrossFit Games - a worldwide crossfit competition. Participants recorded videos, where they performed burpees continuously for 7 minutes - the more repetitions they managed to do, the higher they were in the classification.

How to perform burpees?

1. Start standing upright.

2. Perform a squat with your palms on the ground.

3. Throw your legs backwards and go to the front brace.

4. Lower the cage to the ground.

5. Raise the body.

6. Pull your legs back under you (taking a step or kick).

7. Stand up and jump out by stretching your arms up.

The nature of crossfit training is a challenge, so even the best athletes benefit from each training session. WOD assumes the performance of a specific combination of exercises in a given time interval. The trainee selects the load according to his abilities and sets the intensity, and the stronger it becomes, the more repetitions he will be able to perform.

It's about community, or why has crossfit become popular?

Crossfit is an alternative to modern, anonymous fitness clubs, where people train in headphones on treadmills or in free weight zones and do not look for any interaction with other trainers. Crossfit is all about people. You do not need complicated equipment, on the contrary - e.g. used tires or sandbags can be used for lifting. Some WODs only require a piece of free space to exercise. Workouts are often done outdoors in tough conditions, so sweat and dirt are standard signs of a good workout. The idea of ​​crossfit is competition - between training participants and constantly overcoming their own barriers. The point is not to win against others, but against yourself. Everyone supports and encourages each other - this is their passion, their way of life - this is the spirit of crossfit. A climate straight from Fight Clubwhere Brad Pitt fights with Edward Norton. It is about community - this specific bond that is created between the trainees - the companions of misery. For the organic feeling that we are one good team. The idea is to get tired to the limit together, to lie on the floor and gasp. Then have a beer with the gym crew.

It’s All About The Community is the title of one of the films promoting the Open qualifiers (the first qualifying stage) for this year's edition of CrossFit Games, the global crossfit competition. Anyone can apply, it is enough to register on the official website of the competition, record a video of the performance of the announced WOD and look in the table together with professional players. The best go to the next stage - the regional stage, after which 40 selected men and 40 women will compete at CrossFit Games for the title of The Fittest Man / Women On Earth. In addition to the gender categories, there are age categories: for players over 40 and, for the first time this year, a category for teenagers between 15 and 18, and a team category. In CrossFit Games 2014, the title of the Most Athletic Man on Earth was won for the fourth time by Rich Froning - the winner of CrossFit Games in 2011, 2012, 2013. The title of the Most Athletic Woman on Earth was won by Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, a Canadian weightlifter.