Museums that can amaze: Poland

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Unusual museums attract tourists. There are plenty of such places around the world and they can often surprise you. It is enough to mention the Museum of Purgatory Souls in Rome or the Ice Cream Museum located near Bologna. It might seem that it is impossible to create an exhibition from certain objects, but nothing could be more wrong. If we are particularly interested in something, it is worth checking if there is a place somewhere in the world where there are exactly the unusual museums we thought about. This does not mean, of course, that the fashion for unusual exhibitions has bypassed Poland - quite the opposite. In our country, we will also see interesting and slightly strange exhibits. What's worth visiting?

Frogs and their unusual museum

The first place worth mentioning is the Frog Museum. Many people abhor such creatures, but for someone who is not afraid of meeting this amphibian, the place will be perfect. In fact, however, no one should have a problem visiting this museum as the exhibits are not alive. Real frogs are dipped in jars with formalin. The Frog Museum primarily collects all kinds of figurines, pins, mascots and other similar items that represent these creatures in literally every form. Therefore, such an unusual museum is great fun for children and when in Kudowa-Zdrój it is definitely worth taking them there.

Unusual museums: museum in the mine

Museum underground? Why not! In Złoty Stok there is a Gold Mine, where we will see an unusual Museum of Warnings, Remarks and Appeals. The place has an amazing atmosphere. On the walls of the underground there are many information boards from the times of the Polish People's Republic. You can find almost everything on them, from absurd to quite ordinary to funny slogans. "Farmer! Give the cow - the cow will give you "," No smoking "or" What did you do today to reduce your own costs? " these are just a few examples. The walls are full of boards, it will certainly take some time to view each of them, but no one will be bored.

Unusual museum of teddy bears

The Teddy Bear Museum is another proposition ideal for a trip with children. In Zakopane, next to Krupówki Street, there is this facility, where you can see about 700 teddy bears of various shapes and sizes. Children can learn about the history of the first stuffed animals, see the teddy bear demonstration and see what collector's toys look like. In this atypical museum, there are also toys that resemble a human being, which is why they are eagerly used by visitors to take an interesting photo of their children.

Tickets to such unusual museums are usually inexpensive, and their exhibitions can be interesting. Therefore, while staying in a city with such a place, it is worth visiting it. It is not only great fun for children, but also for adults.