The CRUSH model - how to interest the Y generation?

Service Business

If you already know that the recipients of your offer are people from the Y generation, you are halfway to creating a communication strategy for your brand. Now you just need to engage the young recipient and encourage them to perform the actions you expect. How to do it? Create content based on the CRUSH model and reach your audience.

The CRUSH model - how to create content for the Y generation?

Generation Y includes people aged 18-29, also known as Digital natives or iPod generation. The communication of most brands is directed mainly at this group of consumers. And for good reason, because the representatives of Generation Y are the most numerous and attractive target group. They are young people who soak up new technologies and are most likely to make purchases via mobile phones. So what content does the Y generation need and look for? Certainly suited for them. As a brand whose main (or only) target group is Generation Y, you need to constantly monitor trends and talk about your brand without beating the bush or self-love. Communication should not only be coherent and adapted, but above all it should create content based on the CRUSH model, created by two marketers - Joeri Van den Bergh and Mattias Behrer.

The CRUSH model consists of five values:

  • cool - attractiveness,

  • real - credibility,

  • unigue - uniqueness,

  • self-brand identification - identification with a given brand,

  • happy - contentment

This diagram shows the values ​​according to which an effective message should be created, i.e. one that engages the demanding generation Y. It is this young generation that determines the demand and they mostly decide what will be trends, and which goods and services will be of greatest interest.

C - what does it mean to be cool by generation Y?

Your brand must be cool to attract the interest of the Y generation. Cool, which is what? A brand that has a distance to itself, a lot of sense of humor, follows trends and for which technology is daily bread. Being cool can't last for a moment - you can't become cool for one campaign or action. You need to be coherent and consistent in your communication.

R - it's important to be credible

Real is the art of being credible. Your messages must sound authentic and inspire confidence in the recipient. In the era of all-encompassing online and offline advertising and messages that flow from them, we become resistant to certain slogans or slogans. Not only the young generation, but also every consumer expects honesty, i.e. authenticity, from the brand. The influential Generation Y is trend-setting, one of which is to be real.

U - be unique

Stand out from the competition - be Unique. This is another element that makes up the CRUSH model, which will help you attract not only generation Y. Interesting graphic design, original slogan or advertising slogan will attract recipients to you. However, remember not to overdo its uniqueness and unusual approach, because kitsch is even more unbearable than boredom. Text, picture or maybe an interesting GIF that will be a commentary on world events. Everything that is different attracts attention

S - brand loyalty

Self-brand identification, i.e. identifying with the brand. If the consumer feels he is part of the brand world, he is more likely to identify with it. There is nothing more valuable than a loyal consumer who believes in a company's mission and vision. You can gain consumer loyalty through the means of communication. If the consumer feels that he identifies with the values ​​and views of a given brand, he will be happy to praise it and send a story about your company to the world.

H - arouse emotions!

Happy, because I think everyone wants to be happy. This is the last element that makes up the CRUSH model. The purpose of this part is simply to please the customer. Evoking positive emotions is one of the most important aspects of sales. If the consumer is satisfied with the product or service, it means that the entire purchasing path works at the highest level. After all, customer satisfaction influences the positive image of our brand, and in the long run it increases the chance for even better sales.

Content based on the CRUSH model allows you to reach the influential Generation Y. Good content engages and can provide the brand with loyal consumers. The use of all CRUSH elements is a difficult task, so it is worth choosing one or two points at the beginning and implementing them in the brand's strategy.