MLM for freelancers and more

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Many freelancers at the beginning of their careers wonder what form of income is the most beneficial, which one to choose to achieve full success and financial stability. There are many perspectives and ways to reach freelance profits. Before making the final choice, however, you need to think carefully about the matter.

Think how much time you can devote to a given choice, whether it will be the main source of income for you, or an additional one, and finally - how much do you know about such work and whether you will definitely find yourself in this form of income. Remember that without your own commitment you will not do much, so if you want to be disrespectful, it is better to give up freelancing immediately and focus on what you have been doing so far, i.e. the employment relationship. Because a freelancer must think long-term and should have a lot of room for maneuver to ensure a steady source of income. Freelancer must not rest on his laurels, he must act, otherwise he will not be successful.

Below we will present you one of the forms of earnings, i.e. Multi Level Marketing.

What is MLM?

The acronym MLM comes from Multi Level Marketing, which simply means multi-level marketing. MLM is also commonly known as network marketing. This term describes a certain marketing strategy and the way a given company and its partners who are independent distributors operate. MLM is basically a form of direct retail sales that takes place outside the traditional chain of stores. The goods and services are presented directly to consumers.

The "multi-level" part of the name comes from the characteristic structures of associates - additional commissions are obtained from their turnover. So each seller builds his own system of traders, the remuneration of which depends on the marketing plan in force in a given company. These traders either sell little or not sell at all, but only buy the services or goods for themselves. As a result, the entire sales team works for your success. You participate in the company's profits, but they must be directly proportional to the turnover generated by you and your group of traders.

Some practice ...

  • From the company's point of view - unfortunately, the practice is that in order to benefit from MLM, the company must initially make a significant financial contribution. You know - the beginnings can be difficult. However, the good news is that these costs will recoup over time. In fact, here the selling and marketing costs are negligible. The company employs several independent sales representatives who, in return for a turnover commission, create brand and product awareness in the market. So, in fact, all activities related to sales rest on commercial groups - they generate the company's success. Hence, MLM provides some pretty good earnings for the sales reps.
  • From the point of view of a company associate - in practice, you are just a sales representative who only earns on turnover commissions, because there is no basis for remuneration. However, the practice doesn't look that scary at all. It turns out that you can earn a lot of money on this business, but you have to give yourself back to it. MLM from the jump is associated with much lower earnings. In addition, there are of course cheaper products and competition that lower the commissions accordingly. Many of these retailers run their own businesses and act independently on behalf of the manufacturer or wholesaler. Therefore, building a market for a specific product can be done by anyone with a flair for sales, leadership skills and their own vision.

You choose 100% MLM - and what next?

In fact, the whole point of MLM can be represented in the form of an equation:


It is all about shortening the path from producer to consumer. Once you focus fully on this form of income, you should increase and mark the market share of a given product. However, before you get down to that, you need to be sure of the product in question, then you become more credible to your customers. When you are convinced of a given product, you start to use various marketing tricks and the company pays you for your knowledge. Building awareness among consumers takes place in two stages:

  • Through own sale - independent sellers who offer the product to the end customer.
  • By creating a distribution network - that is, you sell the product to hypermarkets, chain stores, restaurants, pubs, etc. However, you do not sell the products yourself, your team of independent traders who sell the product to distribution networks, who in turn sell it to the end customer.

Here, interpersonal contact is very important, but not only in the sales zone. You are looking to the fact that the measure of your success is the success of the contracting company.

Several MLM bonuses

So the distributor incentive system constructed by MLM companies:

  • non-financial remuneration - you increase your turnover, get a car, a mobile phone, money for fuel, and sometimes even vouchers for trips;
  • motivating competition, i.e. equal opportunities for all colleagues;
  • hereditary and lifetime commissions.

MLM and the Internet

For many people, working from home is the ideal of work. You sit at the computer, sipping coffee and nothing bothers you - you don't have to get out of bed at dawn and fly to the office, and you don't have to sit there for eight hours. You work at home - when you want and as much as you want.

It turns out that it is possible in MLM, after all, working via the Internet is an increasingly common form of income. However, MLM cannot focus solely on the Internet. Most products require personal, direct presentation to the consumer, after all, many people are visual learners. In addition, recruiting traders to your groups should also be done on a face to face basis - it is easier to verify whether you are dealing with professionals and trustworthy people.

Nevertheless, the role of the Internet in MLM is considerable. Nowadays, a large part of marketing is focused on him. Here you can also promote yourself as a leader in a given MLM, which will make the companies using MLM report to you on their own.

Not everyone is suitable for network marketing because not everyone has commercial and leadership skills. Therefore, this decision must be made wisely. It's best to start by selling products that you use yourself. Then your motivation grows, you become credible, and this is a very important factor.

Also, before making your selection, pay attention to how many distributors your company currently owns. If not enough, it means it's either untrustworthy or it's a start-up enterprise, meaning it will be more difficult to form a group of traders because commissions will be lower and you will have to work harder to build a market for a given product.On the other hand, if a given company has too many distributors, it means that you will have more competition and it will be harder for you to become a turnover leader.

A web of myths has arisen around MLM, as around any other form of income. However, it should be noted that this is a normal business and a normal source of income. Of course, there are scammers, but let's face it, where are they not today? You just have to beware of any mythomans who offer high wages without any effort. Such fairy tales can be told to children, but adults should not believe them.