The company's mission - what benefits can it bring to the enterprise?

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Many companies present the company's mission and vision on their websites. Often, its implementation ends with the PR department preparing its text, then uploading it to the website and nothing else really happens. A few pathetic-sounding sentences appear on the Internet, but nothing really changes in the company. No wonder that the company's mission is often treated a bit neglected, because customers can often get the impression that these are just empty phrases. However, it is worth realizing that specifying it is very important for the company and has many positive effects.

Read what the company's mission really is and whether it is really worth devoting your time to it!

What is the company's mission?

What exactly is the company's mission? It is an answer to the question why we are on the market and for whom we do it, as well as what are the values ​​and goals of our company. Thanks to a clearly defined mission, the organization of work in the company and customer relations are improved.

It is worth emphasizing that the mission should be real. It's not a good idea to write something just to make it sound nice and look good. What will the client eventually think if the mission is completely disconnected from reality? How to trust such a company?

A clearly defined mission is also a factor that increases employees' commitment and motivation to work. Thanks to it, they feel more connected with the organization, which has a great impact on the results.

Often, the company's vision appears next to the mission. How are these two concepts different? The mission is something permanent, some companies have not changed it for many years! In turn, a vision is something that we strive for at a given moment, something that changes over time and when we achieve new goals.

Examples of the company's mission

What is the company's mission in famous enterprises? We present a few examples that will allow you to understand its essence and get to know the form.

Microsoft: Microsoft helps people and businesses around the world realize their full potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values ​​that make it possible to achieve them.

Coca-Cola: Our mission invariably shows us the direction in which we are going. It describes the purpose of our company and is a reference point for our actions and decisions.

  • We want to refresh the world
  • We want to inspire and make you smile of happiness
  • We want to stand out by building lasting values

DHL: Our mission - Excellence. Simply Delivered. - this is our guideline.

PKN Orlen: Striving to become a regional leader, we want to provide our shareholders with a long-term increase in the company's value by offering our clients the highest quality products and services.

As you can see, both the length and the form are optional, but each company tries to present the company's mission as concisely and clearly as possible.

How to create a company's mission?

There is no single recipe for a successful mission formulation. Each company has its own guidelines and chooses how it wants to present its assumptions. In the examples given above, we have already noticed that the company's mission can take many different forms. The most important, however, seems to be the brevity and clarity of the message.

Let's try to make sure the company's mission doesn't feel a bit "inflated". People really quickly sense that these are really wise and sophisticated words, but still empty. Simplicity is also important.

When creating a mission, you can answer questions that will make its creation much easier. So let's think about what we do and what kind of company we are, which customer needs we satisfy, why we were created and we are dealing with this particular industry, what values ​​we represent, what distinguishes us from the competition and where we are now, and where we want to be. The answers to these questions will form the initial outline of our mission.

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What does the company's mission give?

It is no secret that a company without employees in the vast majority of cases simply cannot exist. People who perform their tasks professionally and effectively are the potential. Therefore, caring for employees and creating a place for them, with which they identify, is not only the cause of their satisfaction, but also of more efficient work. Creating a clear strategy and a specific mission of the company increase the employee's identification with the workplace. The better he feels in it and the more he feels that his presence in the company is really important, the more he becomes involved in the tasks entrusted to him. A clear goal helps in increasing your motivation. The employee feels that many things are in their hands and that they are doing something not only for the company but also for themselves.

A clearly defined mission and values ​​are essential in setting your goals. Since the employee knows what the company is striving for, he also turns out to be more aware of how he should work. Specific goals also facilitate communication, which should definitely be as fluid and simple as possible.

A well-formulated mission of the company, which is being implemented, will certainly not escape the attention of customers. It is worth remembering and bearing in mind that we do not only do it internally, but for ourselves, that messages also reach beyond the walls of our company. Of course, this is a huge plus, because it allows customers to know the purpose of the company and their activities. Thus, thanks to the mission, it is possible to increase customer trust and sales.

Is it necessary to create the company's mission? There is no such obligation, but this type of strategy, if well designed, can bring great benefits to the company. Therefore, it is worth considering the definition of the mission.But remember to do it sensitively and really try to fulfill it. Only then does it make any real sense.