The minimum salary for work in 2014


Pursuant to the ordinance of the Council of Ministers of September 11, 2013, the minimum remuneration for work in 2014 will be PLN 1,680 gross. Consequently, this means an increase by PLN 80 compared to 2013. In the case of people for whom this is the first employment relationship, in the first year of work, the minimum wage may be 80% of this amount, i.e. PLN 1,344 gross.

The minimum wage and the employer's costs

These changes can be assessed as positive from the point of view of employees. On the other hand, for employers, the increase in the minimum wage is tantamount to an increase in labor costs.


2013 - PLN 1600

2014 - PLN 1680

employer's pension insurance (9.76%)

PLN 156.16

PLN 163.97

employer's disability insurance (6.5%)

104.00 PLN

PLN 109.20

accident insurance (1.93%)

PLN 30.88

PLN 32.42

Labor Fund (2.45%)

PLN 39.20

PLN 41.16

Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund (0.10%)

PLN 1.60

PLN 1.68


PLN 331.84

348.43 PLN

The total cost of employing an employee under an employment contract with a minimum wage is currently PLN 1,931.84 (PLN 1,600 + PLN 331.84). However, next year this cost will increase to 2,028.43 (1,680 PLN + 348.43 PLN). This difference will be felt by employers, as it amounts to as much as PLN 96.59 per month.