Microstage - does it benefit the company?

Service Business

A microsite can be associated mainly with small websites, which are almost literally only business cards, containing only contact details and basic information about the company's offer. Meanwhile, in practice, this concept is definitely worth a longer discussion, and the benefits of using microsites can be really big.

Microstage - what is it?

Let's start with the definition issue. As it is easy to see, a microsite is instinctively associated with something small, consisting of only a few pages - and sometimes even just one document. But be careful! This does not necessarily mean that the message it contains will be poor. On the contrary, it can be used either to convey a specific marketing message very clearly, or to highlight a specific part of the company's offer very strongly.

Does the microsite replace the extension of the website?

Definitely not.Microstage (or quite numerous microstorbs) is rather its extension. They can be located on separate domains, but they can also be located in sub-domains, subdirectories, or specially crafted addresses, where they will function independently of the rest of the website. They can be so-called landing pages, but they can also be so-called satellite pages.

Why create micro landing pages?

In the case of landing pages, it is usually all about maximizing the conversion rate. Pages of this type are by definition designed with a specific purpose in mind. They are also often adapted to the source from which users will most likely be imported. As part of this approach, numerous elements that could distract the Internet user and which are standard on the main company page are often abandoned (for example, an extensive menu). Small changes are also made much more often, the aim of which is to achieve even better effectiveness.
Landing pages may encourage you to download files with industry reports, subscribe to a newsletter, leave consent to contact for marketing purposes, or sell a specific product or service.

Importantly, in the case of landing pages, possible testing of minor changes is easier, because you do not have to interfere with the entire content of the website, but only a specific subpage.

Why create satellite sites?

Satellite sites are the second type of microsite (although in practice they are not always "micro", it is only one of their variants). In this case, it is about creating a small website, focusing on a small part of the company's offer, a niche in its offer. Such satellites, by separating them from the main offer, can be promoted in order to sell only the part of the products that we are most interested in selling, and at the same time create the impression of exceptional specialization.
Interestingly, satellite sites are perfect for experiments with SEO, especially if you want to get extremely fast results, taking into account a high risk of their short duration. Their detachment from the main site means that they can be used much more aggressive positioning techniques, in the event of failures, without transferring the consequences to the main site (of course, as long as care is taken that they do not link with each other).