The city of Polish song - interesting places in Opole

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The city of Polish song? Most of us associate Opole with the National Festival of Polish Song, which has been taking place in this city since 1963. So it is called the Capital of Polish Song, which fans will surely find something for themselves. However, Opole is not only a song. What else is worth seeing? We advise!

Opole - the Capital of Polish Song

All lovers of Polish song should definitely visit Opole, which has prepared attractions related to it for them. So what should people interested in this subject see?

The Bolko Island is called the "Green Lungs of Opole". It is the perfect place to rest, play sports, relax and wind down. The paths are ideal for walking, jogging, cycling or rollerblading, there is also a health path, additionally lighting and monitoring make the place safer also after dark.

The inhabitants of the city on the Bolko Island are primarily looking for rest after work or study. It's a great place to recharge your batteries and take a break from the hustle and bustle. Nature lovers will certainly be satisfied, because the island has interesting vegetation or, for example, a 400-year-old oak, and you can also meet animals, such as deer.

The Piast Tower

If we visit the city of Polish song, it is also worth seeing the Piast Tower, which was built around 1300. Although in the 1920s it was planned to demolish the castle, which it is part of, it did not come to fruition, and the tower is still a symbol of the city.

It was renewed after World War II, when a helmet appeared on it, which made the tower taller and currently measures 42 meters. Soon after this time, the building was opened to the public. In 2011, however, the tower was closed, and for 3 years it was thoroughly restored again.

Visiting the tower is an interesting experience - the guide looks like a medieval one, while exploring the dungeon, the sound of falling drops and groans of prisoners is made in complete darkness, and at each level where the tour stops, there is a visualization that makes it even more interesting climate. At the top, there is an observation deck for all lovers of the city panorama.

Although Opole is known mainly for its festival and love for Polish songs, in fact it is an interesting city worth visiting without it. Holidays are a great time to mark Opole on your tourist map of Poland.