Viral Marketing - How To Use Virals

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Ads can reach a wide audience very quickly. We deal with advertising messages everywhere - they are in the press, television, the Internet or on street billboards. It's really hard to keep up with them and very often we are not aware that we are passing the ad even further, even by simply sharing a post on Facebook, because we participate in a competition, e.g. for a free pizza. Thanks to us, a given pizzeria gains even more popularity. Such a chain is known as viral marketing. How can we use it and what will we gain from it?

What is viral marketing?

Most of all, funny memes or funny videos are disseminated on the Internet, but they are not used to promote products. Viral marketing is all about captivating your audience and encouraging them to share information about your business. Viral marketing is therefore an activity aimed at creating a chain reaction around the content provided by a given company. The premise of viral marketing is that specific content spreads very quickly on various communication channels and social networks. Sounds easy? Not completely.

How do you get started with viral marketing?

If you want to create viral marketing, you should first get acquainted with the group of recipients. It is not recommended to target your content to everyone, as there is a good chance that most of them will not like it. Planning content that would go viral should start with answering the question of what the audience likes and what could catch their attention.

It cannot be something obvious or something completely incomprehensible. Viral content must arouse strong emotions in the recipient - joy, anger or sadness. If they hit a particular person's tender point, they can prevent them from passing by the company indifferently and staying longer to get acquainted with the offer. However, it is recommended to evoke positive emotions.

Viral Marketing Pros and Cons

Viral marketing has both advantages and disadvantages. To decide if this is a good solution for us, you should carefully consider the risks that viral marketing can carry. The advantages of viral marketing include, above all, low advertising costs, which will pay off if the viral is successful.

Moreover, information about our brand can be disseminated in a very short time. In addition, the brand gains greater recognition, even reaching the hype in the media. The biggest downside of this form of marketing is the risk that some groups will receive a bad impression of the viral, which may harm the company's image. In addition, you need to be lucky and creative for a viral to be successful.

How to effectively viral and use it?

Currently, people of all ages use the Internet. The internet is not new, so people can choose what they want to watch and what they don't necessarily want to watch. In the age of information overload, it is important to stand out and persuade the potential recipient to click "play". For a viral to be successful, it needs to be visually attractive. Viral can be used by inserting it, for example, on YouTube, or by placing it on your brand's blog under a catchy name.

It can also be a catchy advertising slogan, or a situation that will deeply move and at the same time advertise our product in some way. Example? If we sell hearing aids, a good solution would be to make a video in which someone starts to hear for the first time and the whole situation is extremely touching and shows our equipment in a unique light. However, we cannot be sure that it will catch on, because there must be an element that distinguishes our content from many other similar ones.

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What can you gain from viral marketing?

Viral marketing is like word of mouth - it spreads quickly. If it is successful, it will turn out to be much cheaper than other forms of advertising, as any money spent on creating the content will be returned to us. All this thanks to internet users who send links to various materials among themselves and share them on social networks. It may also happen to the media through adequate publicity.

In fact, a viral is created without the brand being involved - it just inserts content. The action is also very fast - even within a dozen or so hours you can gain great popularity. Sometimes, even without planning viral marketing, it can burn out, when by chance the content we publish will gain huge popularity. If the campaign is properly thought out, the customer base can be significantly expanded, and brand recognition - much greater. The use of a viral depends entirely on the company.


Viral marketing is a unique way to promote on the internet, but for it to be successful, a catchy idea needs to emerge. People using the Internet are demanding and select the content they encounter. Therefore, everything should be carefully considered so that the campaign does not end in failure.