The VAT exemption limit will remain unchanged for the coming years


Taxpayers who take advantage of the subjective exemption from VAT may not exceed the limit entitling them to use it. As it turns out, the VAT exemption limit will remain unchanged in the coming years. We checked the period for which its current amount will apply!

VAT exemption limit - how much is it?

Pursuant to Art. 113 paragraph. 1 of the act on tax on goods and services, the VAT exemption limit is PLN 200,000 and it consists of the value of taxable sales.

This amount is the contractually accepted value after conversion of the turnover of EUR 40,000 at the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland on the date on which Poland joined the European Union and was adopted on the basis of implementing decision No. 2018/1919 of December 4, 2018.

VAT exemption limit - how long will it be valid?

By the decision of the European Council No. 2021/1780, which was published on October 11, this year, the limit of VAT exemption will be maintained in the current amount, ie PLN 200,000.

The Council of the European Union supported this decision with profits that translate into the smallest entrepreneurs benefiting from the subjective exemption.

The current VAT exemption limit will apply until the end of 2024.