Liquidation of ZUS contributions! The revolutionary announcements of the Confederates


ZUS contributions paid by entrepreneurs are considered by many to be too heavy a burden, especially for micro and small enterprises. Therefore, another initiative to liquidate ZUS contributions is not surprising. This time the proposal was presented by representatives of the Confederation at a press conference on Monday.

Liquidation of ZUS contributions

The Confederation proposes to abolish the obligatory ZUS contributions for entrepreneurs, and instead proposes to pay them voluntarily. The President of the Polish Business Congress, Sławomir Mentzen, argues the following proposed changes:

"(...) State Treasury companies and large international corporations will develop very quickly, and small business, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will be pushed into the ground one by one."
"(...) the only sensible answer to what is happening is to support Polish small entrepreneurs, or at least not to disturb them, so that they have any chance to compete with large, international companies and companies of the State Treasury"

Failure to pay the minimum pension to Ukrainians

Another issue raised by the representatives of the Confederation is the breaking of the 2014 agreement between Poland and Ukraine on social security. This time, the treasurer of the Confederation, legal adviser Michał Wawer, spoke:

"ZUS is obliged to pay Ukrainian citizens residing in Poland a minimum pension, covered with the money of Polish entrepreneurs and Polish employees who in Poland give their hard-earned money in the form of ZUS contributions to the state".

Restoration of abolition relief

Referring to the breach of the Polish-Ukrainian agreement, Wawer also recalled the situation of Poles leaving for work abroad:

"Poles, who have already been at least partially pushed abroad, are deprived of the abolition allowance and forced to pay an additional tax for Poles working abroad when they return to Poland, for example from seasonal work. (...) as a Confederation, we call for the restoration of the abolition relief ”.

Confederation representatives argued that the policy of the present government through its actions leads to the fact that "Poles are pushed abroad, encouraged to let those who already work periodically (abroad) leave permanently." At the same time, according to the Confederates, PiS encourages foreigners, mainly Ukrainians and Asians, to settle in Poland: "(...) a system of incentives for them to come to Poland and take over jobs, places in social and economic life that were vacated by Poles pushed abroad. Such a system is proposed by Law and Justice, such a system is implemented hand in hand with the Civic Platform. We do not agree to this. "

The proposal to abolish compulsory social security contributions appears successively from time to time. But never has any government even looked at such proposals. All attempts to address this topic were rejected at the stage of the first initial verifications. Most agree that ZUS would not be able to bear such a burden, because the revenues from ZUS contributions of entrepreneurs constitute a large part of all revenues to this office.