Business liquidation - formalities

Service Business

Deciding to end your own business is associated with many obligations. Read about the preparation of what documents are required for the liquidation of the business.

Business liquidation - CEIDG-1 form

The CEIDG-1 form is the most important form that must be completed and submitted to the commune office competent for the place of business. This is the same document you had to fill out before starting the company. Submitting CEIDG-1 results in:

  • deletion of the enterprise from the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity,

  • sending information about the termination of activity to the Social Insurance Institution - however, in order to deregister the entrepreneur and the employees he employs, the ZUS-ZWUA form must be submitted. As the reason for submitting such a letter, code 100 must be given, which informs that the insurance title has ended. You have 7 days to submit the ZUS-ZWUA form from the termination of the insurance title - in the case of business activity, it is the first day after the day on which the company was dissolved,

  • informing the tax office and the Central Statistical Office.

Business liquidation - VAT-Z form

The VAT-Z form should be completed when the entrepreneur is an active taxpayer. This print informs about the dissolution of business activity - and thus - the cessation of activities that were subject to tax on goods and services.

Other duties

The remaining duties of the former entrepreneur will include:

  1. preparation of a list of assets,

  2. carrying out an inventory for VAT purposes,

  3. closing tax books,

  4. preparation of a physical inventory of commercial goods as at the date of liquidation - remember to report this action to the head of the tax office.


Accounting documentation should be kept for 5 years from the moment of dissolving the business!