Landing page - when is it effective and how to design it?

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The concept of landing page is known in the marketing and advertising environment. It is an indispensable element of any campaign and has a huge impact on the increase in website conversion. It turns out to be effective only when it is properly designed and created with an idea.

It cannot be a random landing page which, despite attracting a wide range of potential customers, will make us lose our chances of acquiring them very quickly. The most important thing here is the attention of recipients and their interest, which we can get only by a transparent landing page containing specific information. Knowing the appropriate techniques and applying them in practice, we are able to create a truly unique landing page that will help us support the campaign.A few useful tips, examples of good landing pages and valuable advice will surely inspire you to design an original landing page.

4 elements of an effective landing page "a

Originality in creating a landing page is important, but you must not forget about the basic elements that must necessarily be on it. By omitting any of them, we reduce our chances of acquiring a wide range of clients.

  • Call to action: This is a specific call to action. Each landing page is created for the needs of a specific campaign, which is associated with a specific action and thus refers to the implementation of one action clearly contained in the content. Therefore, it cannot be a page with too much information, and the call to action button disappears somewhere in between. The person on the landing page needs to know what the message is for and how to respond to it.

The call to action button must be placed in a visible place and highlighted in such a way that the Internet user has no problem finding it. Ideally, it should be at the bottom of the page in the right corner or in the middle. In the case of long landing pages, which also happens, it is good to place it even several times. The content on the button should be a shortened message calling for action. Everything that has been placed on the website will be summed up by just a few words that will be on it.

For example, if you are creating a landing page to persuade you to fill out a form, it is a good idea to put the password on the button: FILL IN FORM. In the event that we present an offer for a new bank account, the call to action will be OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT. It all depends on the purpose for which the page was displayed to our potential client.

  • Arrangement and choice of text: only the most important information should be placed on the landing page. It cannot be a long article presenting our offer in an incomprehensible way. What matters is the facts that are to persuade the recipient to perform the action. The text should also be properly formatted. Proper font, capitalization, and text placement are factors that require special attention.

Make sure you have an effective header that will introduce you to the rest of the message. It should stand out from the rest of the text, just like the call to action button. Writing all information in capital letters doesn't have the slightest amount of text. The classic format, where capital letters are only at the beginning of a sentence, will be much more effective and natural. Experimenting and over-combining is also not an option. Too many distracting elements will distract the reader from the relevant content, which is not what we really mean.

  • Choosing the right photos and graphics: The text itself on the landing page will not be attractive to the recipient. It may seem too boring and will have less impact. Most of us are visual learners and we value well-visualized information.

We usually place text on the right side of the site and images on the left side. Internet users are used to it, but it is also caused by the way we perceive, for which the right and left hemispheres are responsible. It is not worth changing it and the page structure should be kept. We should also remember that the graphics should be consistent with the text. The placement of the company logo is perhaps an obvious thing that should not be mentioned.

  • The power of colors: colors play a very important role in our lives, so we should also focus on this element of the landing page. An automotive company that targets men is unlikely to choose pastel colors, but choose those in shades of navy blue, black and gray - and rightly so.

When creating a landing page that is targeted at teenagers, it is good to opt for pastel and more girly colors. Matching the website to the target group in terms of color is one of the most important factors influencing the recipient's interest in our offer.

Landing page noteworthy

On the internet you can find some really good landing pages where all the above-mentioned elements have been applied and many others that made them original and unique.

Alior Bank's landing page is a perfect example that a simple form and content are the best way to attract customers. The website contains only the most important information about the offer, which are presented in points. It has the company's logo and its color harmonizes with the colors associated with this place. The visible call to action has been placed twice, which immediately draws the attention of the reader. Even though the graphic is on the right and the text on the left, in this case it does not have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the message.

One could say: short, concise and to the point. This is what landing page is all about. Unnecessary information that could deprive the landing page of its main purpose is unnecessary, which was not forgotten by the creators of the landing page for Evernote. The graphics and the pictorial presentation of information immediately attract attention. There are more graphic elements than text, which does not mean that the recipient has a problem with understanding the message. The visible call to action and the warm shade of green blend in perfectly.