Employee's professional qualifications and finding a job

Service Business

People with high professional qualifications often have problems with finding a job. It would seem that having two university diplomas, certificates confirming the knowledge of foreign languages ​​or using complex software gives you more opportunities on the labor market. However, not always employers want to hire people who are better than them in terms of professional experience, substantive knowledge or skills. The cooperation is undertaken with those employees who are worse at something than their bosses. What is the reason for the greater willingness to employ people with low professional qualifications?

Low professional qualifications of employees and low pay

People with extensive professional experience and high professional qualifications know their worth. They would like to receive a higher salary that the employer cannot afford. For this reason, the entrepreneur decides to employ a person with slightly lower competences. Each person can be trained to perform certain activities. Employees who take up their first job in a specific industry do not know what their earnings are. They can agree to a much lower salary.

Highly qualified worker is a threat to the boss

Very often it is department managers who are responsible for conducting the recruitment process. Instinctively, they choose candidates who will not threaten them. In large organizations, job rotation is something natural. A team leader may become an ordinary employee overnight if a person with higher professional qualifications in the field of people management is hired. The knowledge and experience possessed are becoming increasingly important.

Professional qualifications at various levels also become a natural barrier in interpersonal relations and make managing people a bit easier. A manager who has extensive professional experience and expertise is usually treated with respect. It is much easier for him to manage colleagues whose professional skills are much lower. On the other hand, it is difficult to give orders to the boss to someone who exceeds him in professional competences in a given field.

Too high qualifications of an employee for too easy tasks

Sometimes employers do not want to hire employees with high professional qualifications for a given job. Tasks to be performed do not have to require specialist knowledge and skills. The boss may be convinced that a person with high professional competences will be bored while fulfilling the duties entrusted to him. Sooner or later, such an employee will want to be promoted. He may also leave and work for another company at the earliest opportunity. And the employer will have to restart the recruitment process.

High professional qualifications - disturbance of the office order

Employers are afraid that people with high professional qualifications will destroy the existing order in the organization. If a new person is willing to give advice to colleagues, he will immediately gain their sympathy and the natural authority resulting from their knowledge. This may cause the position of the team leader to decline. He will feel the pressure and stress that he can switch places with a new employee overnight.

Highly qualified employees may also be willing to make changes and modify business processes. And this may not be welcomed by an employer who over the years has developed a specific course of action that he considers to be the best.