Online accounting office or online accounting?


The development of technology, the increasing availability of the Internet and such a high price of time mean that more and more areas of not only private life, but also company life, are transferred to the Internet. Simple accounting conducted with the use of available internet applications in cooperation with accountants is becoming more and more common. Read the article and find out what the two forms of such collaboration look like. Online accounting office and independent online accounting!

Online accounting and an online accounting office

Online accounting is a substitute service for an accounting office. First of all, it is simply cheaper. What characterizes it is the independent work of an entrepreneur with accounting documents using online software. The service is often complemented by access to unlimited support from advisors in the field of accounting, taxes, and labor law.

In addition, the service offers many other benefits, including 24/7 access to documents, the possibility of issuing invoices in any place with access to the network. The programs offered by e-accounting allow access to the company's accounting records at any time and place.

An online accounting office is nothing more than the development of the online independent accounting model with a document accounting service by qualified accountants while maintaining all the important advantages of the former. Contrary to the traditional cooperation with accounting offices, the entrepreneur does not waste time commuting, most often during the hours when he runs his own business.

All communication takes place electronically, documents are delivered using mobile devices and automatically booked. OCR in cloud function

Online accounting or an accounting office - what is profitable?

Online accounting, as we have already mentioned, is much cheaper than traditional accounting.

A compromise between an ordinary accounting office - real cost about PLN 200-300 per month and independent online accounting - average real cost PLN 45 per month. There is a solution that combines the best features of both solutions - an online accounting office. The cost of the service of such an accounting office varies around 149.

Moreover, the prices of accounting offices' services depend on:

  • type of accounting,
  • number of accounting documents,
  • number of operations in foreign currencies - calculation of exchange rate differences,
  • Quantities of foreign operations - import, export, WDT, WNT, import of services.

At the same time, it should be remembered that modern online accounting systems automatically settle most of such events. Therefore, they do not have such an impact on the final price as in a traditional accounting office.

Access to useful knowledge at any time

An entrepreneur using online accounting and the services of an online accounting office has access to their data on the website at any time and at a convenient time. It is the entrepreneur who decides when he finds time to look at the documents - unlike a stationary accounting office that works only on certain days and hours.

In addition, thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet, he can ask unlimited questions in the field of accounting, tax law and labor law. The most important thing is that he always has access to a developed repository of knowledge useful in running his own business.

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Online accounting and online accounting office - tools

The system that is used both in online accounting and when running an online accounting office usually has an extensive set of tools. The entrepreneur does not have to think about the correct filling of the VAT-7, ZUS DRA declarations or calculating the advance payment for income tax. Because using the online accounting platform, it can automatically generate monthly, quarterly and annual declarations, and also send them to offices via the network. In the case of an online accounting office, the accountant sends all declarations under the supervision of the owner of the company.

The applications also allow you to issue bills and invoices and send them electronically to contractors. Modern solutions also make it possible to link the accounting with the company's bank account, and in the event of any problems, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to obtain expert advice.

The taxpayer does not have to constantly remember to make depreciation write-offs. After a fixed asset is entered into the system, its write-offs are made automatically. Therefore, there is no concern about whether depreciation is made in the right amount.

The most advanced online accounting systems also facilitate the monitoring of warehouse management through the available Warehouse function. An additional advantage of online accounting systems are also built-in organizers or calendars, which ensure that you do not forget about important dates.

Online accounting systems also greatly facilitate the handling of HR and payroll matters.

Online accounting ensures security

Online accounting is a safe form of company accounting. Because a very important aspect of online accounting is also security. By using the installation programs (on the disc), there is a risk that the company will lose data in the event of a computer failure. Thanks to the use of e-accounting, the records or registers of sales and purchases of entrepreneurs are in the so-called cloud and not dangerous failure of the company computer.

In addition, most online accounting systems use high-class servers and have certificates of debt, and the transmitted data is encrypted.

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Who is internet accounting for?

If your business is more complicated and the monthly number of documents is much larger, it is worth considering using the services of an accounting office.

On the other hand, online accounting is a good solution for small companies where the monthly number of invoices is 25-30. It is much cheaper than using the services of an accounting office.

Before making a mistake in accounting complexities, the entrepreneur can protect the technical assistance and expert support, which is available under the purchased subscription. Through this function, in the event of ambiguities, the taxpayer has the opportunity to inquire and obtain assistance in the event of accounting problems. You have to bear in mind that online accounting will work in the same way that the data was entered into the system by the entrepreneur.

Online accounting has many advantages. Therefore, in the 21st century, it is worth considering new solutions in the field of e-accounting.