The National System of e-Invoices can already be tested - how to participate in them?


The Ministry of Finance informed that the National System of e-Invoices is already operational and interested entrepreneurs can take part in the pilot project. We checked how the KSEF can be tested and how long the pilot will last!

What is the National System of e-Invoices?

The National System of e-Invoices is a system that enables the issuing and automatic provision of structured invoices, which are electronic sales documents containing elements in accordance with Art. 106e. of the VAT Act in the xml format. This format allows for automatic processing of data in a structured manner by dedicated programs.

From January 1, 2022, the National System of e-Invoices will be an available tool for issuing structured invoices for all entrepreneurs, while its use will be voluntary.

From 2023, all entrepreneurs will be required to issue structured invoices.

National System of e-Invoices - invitation to test

The Ministry of Finance officially announced the implementation of the KSEF for pilot purposes, and the ministry encourages all entities that offer invoicing software to entrepreneurs to participate.

The pilot program will run from October to December this year. during this time, potential interested parties will be able to check the functioning of the platform on the basis of anonymous data without any formalities. Additionally, the issued structured invoices will have no legal effects and will be removed from the KSEF after a given period. The National e-Invoice System can be tested via the government website: