Kongres Kadry: celebration of HR for the 34th time!


HR practitioners will soon meet at the 34th edition of the HR Congress. This is the most important conference in this industry in Poland and a great opportunity to exchange experiences.

The Autumn HR Congress takes place on October 25-27, 2021 in the online formula. The motto of this edition is: "Strength, courage, honesty".

During our events - including Kongres Kadry - we try to connect two realities. On the one hand: modernity. We present innovative solutions or inspiring examples of implementation of new ideas. The second reality is what we call foundations. It is a constant reminder why HR is such a unique business area - says Monika Nowacka-Şahin, program director and CEO of the meet & grow brand, who is organizing the meeting. - It will be no different during the next HR Congress. In addition to current topics (such as hybrid work or the whistleblower institution), we will talk about ethics in action, managerial courage and strong teams.

Kongres Kadry is three days of exchanging experiences and inspiring conversations. The organizers' invitation was accepted by nearly 30 practitioners who will talk about, among other things,

  • what makes HR departments the driving force of the organization - and what weakens their strength,
  • what is courage in HR and why is it one of the most important competences of HR bosses and bosses,
  • what is the role of HR in building an ethical organization - and how to translate it into concrete actions.

The distinguishing feature of the HR Congress is also connecting worlds and broadening HR horizons. Therefore, each day of the event will be opened by a short lecture by the eminent philosopher, professor Tadeusz Gadacz.

More information and tickets are available on the event website. Poradnik Przedsiębiorcy is the media patron of the meeting. When purchasing a ticket, please provide the code PP invite youto get 5% discount.