Computer in the company - electronic payments (part 3)

Service Business

Conducting any kind of electronic payment at the workplace should only be about business. Not only because it wastes valuable time that we can use for work. It is also not only about the superior who, seeing our behavior, can remind us about it at the least expected moment. The key issue is the security of electronic payments and our private data. The computer in the company must be secure to cope with such a task.

Security of electronic payments and a computer in the company

The average user usually does not have full knowledge of the capabilities and security system in the supported equipment. Lack of an appropriate firewall, anti-virus programs or regular updates can threaten the security of electronic payments. However, if the situation requires it or even it is our task at work, there are several important issues to remember:

  • If you are just starting your adventure with electronic payments, it is worth calling directly the technical support department of the selected bank institution, where you can get all the answers to any doubts, including those regarding safe online payment.
  • Pay attention to the SSL security certificate - the address of the banking website or purchasing platform should start with the prefix https: //.
  • Conduct all transactions calmly and without rush. On the web, you can find websites that pretend to be real banks or shopping platforms. In case of doubt, it is better to ask a specialist for help, seek advice on the Internet and read the opinions of Internet users - if we come across an attempt to extort ourselves, we will certainly quickly find a response from third parties.
  • Only make payments from secure devices you know. Even if there are several office computers at work, only use the one you know in terms of capabilities and security level.
  • Also, pay attention to whether the web browser does not save passwords - the save password command is often selected by default, so perform the individual steps of logging in calmly and carefully read all messages displayed on the screen.
  • Never give out your PIN number to your accounts and card via e-mail or by phone. If you encounter such a situation, it is definitely an extortion attempt. Banks do not ask for this type of information, although in recent months it has been a method that has been widely used by cybercriminals.

Computer in the company, electronic payments and viruses

Antivirus software should have every computer connected to the Internet in the office and at home. If you start working in a new position, first make sure that the equipment has adequate and - above all - up-to-date protection against viruses installed. If you are not sure if your computer has adequate security, it is best to ask specialists for help. In addition to regular updates, pay special attention to whether the computer in the company has an available virus database, because their new versions appear practically every day.

It is also worth keeping an eye on how the computer behaves in the company. If one day it starts to run slower, unwanted windows open in the browser or we notice significant changes in the user interface, it is a sign that the system should be properly scanned. The cause can also be a clutter on the disk, so from the installation of the first programs you should keep order and systematically back up your documents and important files. In addition, it is not recommended to search for viruses on the disk and remove them manually - even if we know the location, without an appropriate antivirus program, we can only harm the computer's operating system.

If you are sure that you do not have adequate protection on the disk, use free online scanners that will quickly and easily detect a possible threat. Proven and fully secure scanners can only be found on the official websites of antivirus distributors. Scanners are worth using even when we have additional security installed, but it is worth remembering that it is not advisable to scan with two programs at the same time.

Safe use of a device such as a computer in a company in accordance with the above guidelines will save time, money and nerves in a crisis situation or requiring quick and decisive action. A computer is just a machine that can fail to obey when it is least expected. However, the user has a significant influence on the operation of the equipment, so let us respect our workplace, trying to use its full potential only for the purposes intended for this.