Colors in mailing - how to choose the right one for the content?

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As you know, colors in a marketing message are of great importance. When sending mailing also? It turns out that it is. Depending on what colors you use, you can influence the mood of your recipient. You will inspire their trust in your brand, encourage them to make a decision, and even give them optimism. That is why it is important to choose the colors in the mailing carefully.

As many as 65% of consumers mention color as an important factor when buying everyday products. Keep this in mind when choosing a color to include in your advertising messages.

The meaning of colors

Depending on what effect you want to achieve with your e-mail communication, you need to pay attention to the meaning of each color.

  • Red is an intense color. It is usually associated with love, energy and strength, but also with danger. Most often it is used to convey something important, worth attention and to motivate you to make a quick decision. It is marked with sales and promotions. Large brands that use this color in their logos include Coca-Cola or McDonald's.

  • Yellow, on the other hand, is associated with the sun, joy and makes you optimistic. It is often found at shop windows, and because it is reminiscent of having a good time, it is used to promote holiday offers.
  • Orange combines the optimism of yellow with the energy of red. It is associated with youth and having fun. It also works to tighten the appetite, which is why it is used in the communication of food products.
  • Green is associated with freshness, health, nature and ecology. It is usually used in campaigns for the environment or in the promotion of ecological products.
  • Blue inspires confidence. It signals knowledge, competence, and in some cases even cleanliness. It is related to two elements - water and air. As its presence in advertising confirms the integrity of the brand and strengthens the trust of its customers, it is often used in the communication of airlines, drugs and technology companies.
  • Black gives the brand luxury and elegance. It is associated with power and professionalism. Marketers using black in visualizations want to emphasize the exclusive nature of the brand.

Pink is a particularly girly color. It is associated with enthusiasm, coziness and sweetness. It is usually used in communication aimed at women or children. It is used by cosmetic and children's brands as well as SPA salons.

How to choose colors in mailing?

In order to design the perfect mailing, you need to know the basic principles of selecting and using colors. One of them is the division of colors into cold and warm.


The color temperature should be adjusted to the nature of the message in the e-mail.

It's also important to remember that not all colors are suitable for every occasion. For example, during Easter, we mostly use yellow and green, and at Christmas, green and red.

You can choose colors in mailing in several ways. The first is to combine complementary colors, that is, on opposite sides of the circle. Another form of composing colors is an analogous combination. It consists in combining adjacent colors with the same temperature. The last option is a color triad, it results from the combination of three shades evenly spaced together on the color wheel by 120 degrees.



In addition, there is also a division of colors into pastel, unsaturated and flashy colors. Pastel colors are unsaturated colors, usually with an admixture of white. Unsaturated colors are moderately intense and neutral, with an admixture of gray. You can use them as an email background. Bright colors are very strong and eye-catching. Therefore, as colors in mailing, they should only be used to emphasize specific information.

Create the perfect mailing

When designing your mailing, you must remember the principle that less is more. Use up to three colors. Choose one guiding and two complementary. As a background, subdued colors, such as gray or just white, will work best.

When choosing the main color, it is worth paying attention to the colors used in the logo of our brand. When we also use them in mailing, our communication becomes consistent and the recipients immediately associate the message with our brand.

If we include a photo in the e-mail, the best way to choose colors for it is to use one of the photos. In this way, we will avoid the risk of a wrong color for the graphics.

You also need to pay special attention to choosing colors that do not match each other and the use of bright colors. The message then becomes unreadable and may sound screaming.

Colors in mailing are one of its most important elements. They give it the right character and tone. They can influence the mood and decisions of the recipient. Aesthetically and properly designed mailing can help you stay ahead of the competition and even translate into brand profit.