A horror classic you absolutely must see

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Horror is a specific genre of movies, because we are drawn to them ... fear and the accompanying adrenaline. Fans of this type of production appreciate shivers all over the body, some discomfort and making the descent to the basement a challenge. If horror is your favorite genre and you just like to be scared, you've certainly seen a lot of these kinds of movies before. Is a horror classic on your list? Check out our list of 5 cult horror movies and see if you know them all!

A classic of horror - Psychosis

Psycho from 1960 is one of the most famous films by Alfred Hitchcock - a true master of suspense. Hitchcock was able to keep the viewer tense like no other. It is no different in the case of Psychosis. It is true that the film is actually a thriller, but it does not change the fact that as a horror movie - a classic of horror, it works perfectly. This is where the famous shower scene comes from, known not only to people who delve into the history of the genre.

The film is interesting because it is not really clear what genre we are dealing with. We are presented with the heroine, Marion, who runs away with a suitcase of stolen money in an unknown direction. He ends up staying at the Norman Bates guesthouse. Is he a good, trustworthy man and will he help the young woman? Remember that in well-structured horror films nothing is as it initially seems ...

The Exorcist - a horror movie to watch

Certainly The Exorcist is a horror classic worth seeing. Every horror fan must see it. Exorcisms are undoubtedly one of the most interesting topics discussed in such productions. They arouse uncertainty and fear, the fact that the presented situations really took place is often emphasized very strongly, so the picture is perceived completely differently. It is difficult to argue about the truth of such a thesis here, one must certainly admit - many good horror movies are based on this type of event.

The Exorcist is a 1973 horror film about the possession of 12-year-old Regan. It is impossible to say that it is as scary as it used to be, because the special effects are obviously outdated, however, let us remind you that the film was made in the 70s. And although the blood is more like tomato sauce with cream, and the fact that vomiting was just green soup, is indisputable, horror still inspires fear, although in the past it even caused hysteria at times. Paramedics had to be present at the screenings in cinemas. People fainted and felt sick.

Some scenes are so iconic that they still appear in other productions today, and a lot of movies similar to the Exorcist have been created. Despite the modern effects, not everyone can match it. It's definitely a horror classic, and it's worth taking a look at.

Omen and the classic of horror

Among many people watching horror movies, you can hear the statement that their most terrible heroes are ... children. Admit it - wouldn't a child met at a cemetery or on the side of the road at night make an amazing impression on you? Would you pay attention to a walking adult? Exactly…

Therefore, children often become heroes of horror movies. One of the most popular scary young people is surely Damien, the main character in the horror movie. Omen.

An American diplomat's wife gives birth to a stillborn child. However, the husband realizes how much she wanted to have children and what a blow it will be for her. Therefore, he decides to secretly adopt an orphaned boy in the same hospital, whose mother died in childbirth. However, there is no awareness that their future son is not an ordinary child.

Something disturbing starts to happen in their lives, people die in mysterious circumstances, and everything leads to an apparently innocent boy. It will soon turn out that the scar representing three sixes between the child's hair is not accidental at all ...

Omen is a horror classic and the first part of the Damien story. More films were made, showing the next stages of his life. It's worth seeing them all.

Popular horror movie - Ghost

Ghost is one of the most popular bs that were created in the 1980s, not only because of mysterious situations that happened outside the set.

As in The Exorcist, special effects may seem a bit funny and out of genre nowadays, but the story of supernatural forces is really captivating.

The Freeling family is unaware that their home was built in an old Indian cemetery. The youngest member of the family, little Carol Anne, quickly notices that they are not alone here. When she is kidnapped by ghosts, the parents do everything they can to get their child back. Parapsychologists come to the rescue.

What is certainly very interesting is the fact that the action actually starts from the very beginning. How many horror films were there, in which the first scary scene appears after several dozen minutes? This is the perfect position for the impatient.

The classic of horror - Carrie

There is probably no need to convince anyone that Stephen King is a master of horror. No wonder that the adaptation of his novel Carrie, which was shot in 1976, became a real hit. Is there anyone who does not know the cult scene in which a bucket of pig's blood is poured over the title character? It is worth emphasizing the well-played main role here. Sissy Spacek seems like the perfect person to show off such a personality because she did it amazing.

The horror film is about the teenager Carrie, who has supernatural abilities. She is aware of them with her first periods, and although she is initially terrified of them, she learns to control them over time. However, not everything can be predicted, and anger can destroy a lot ...

Is it worth spending time on the classics of the genre, although the special effects and performance may not knock us off our feet? Of course! Most of all, movies are characterized by an amazing mood, which we often do not find in the horrors of our contemporaries. The classic of horror will interest many lovers of the genre - it is definitely worth knowing!