In what direction is the development of web applications going?

Service Business

The development of the Internet, related to its popularization, meant that more and more websites are treated by users not only as a source of information and exchange of views, but also as an element extending the functionality of computer applications. The appearance of desktop or SaaS solutions on the market has made the functionalities, which so far were only available in software installed locally on users' computers, possible to be implemented through an ordinary web browser. In Poland, this technology is not very developed yet, but looking at our foreign neighbors, you can notice an impressive development of internet applications.

Web application development - B2B applications

Web programs can improve financial flows and facilitate accounting settlements or handling online payments. By collecting large amounts of data and their statistical analysis, they are a valuable source of knowledge needed for efficient management. They can also improve customer relations by using the CRM System (Customer Relationship Management) as an internet application. Their development progressed from simple functionalities, successively added to Google search engine services, through the design of powerful business tools.

Depending on the needs, B2B applications can take the form of simple, interactive forms or extensive tools for handling advanced processes in large corporations. However, each application requires individual analysis to design the optimal solution. According to DiS statistics, there are currently over 100 companies on the Polish market producing tools fully adapted to the SaaS (Software as a Service) service model. The same number of companies provide on-line sharing services. Hence over 200 web application titles. They are useful for servicing a logistics company, accounting for small and micro enterprises, trade and warehouse support, work time and human resources management, as well as in catering and hotel industries, in public administration (BIP), in advertising agencies and in medical care facilities.

The development of the structure of software as a service was possible thanks to the proliferation of Internet networks. Already over 93% of companies in Poland have permanent access to the Internet. This makes web applications the most frequently chosen business tool by modern entrepreneurs. They not only reduce the costs of using the application itself, but also contribute to the popularization of modern methods of company management. Thanks to their online availability, they also enable constant control over company processes, from anywhere in the world.

Web application development - Software as a Demand

The next stage in the development of web applications are non-business services.It has become more and more common to share movies (VOD) or music albums (MOD) via the Internet. On-demand services are extremely popular, especially among young people. They allow for almost unlimited access to a huge database of film and music data, practically from anywhere in the world. They also reduce the costs associated with the purchase of a CD or DVD. Internet computer games are no less popular, surpassing their computer predecessors with the possibility of ongoing communication between game participants.

The web application market tends to concentrate many types of services within one portal. This is the case with social networks that have a resource of photos, many types of games, allow you to insert comments and share your reflections in the form of mini-blogs, as well as have a tool for communication between portal users. They create a kind of web centers, which are often connected with music portals and publishing short videos (,

Web application development - institutional services

Technological development also included public use institutions. Internet services were initiated by financial institutions, giving their users full access to the panel for managing individual funds accumulated on the account. Although initially making transfers by yourself via the Internet raised a lot of controversy, today hardly anyone can do without this kind of good. Government offices were also followed by banks, enabling applicants to submit registration applications or send official forms by e-mail, and today E-offices are fully accepted by the public.

All innovative solutions need time to fully determine the market. The same was the case with the Google web browser, created by two PhD students at Stanford University, the American Larry "ego Page" and the Russian Sergey Brin. Their innovative method of analyzing hypertext links, which they used in the prototype of the search engine, had to survive as much as 6 years before it was noticed and its potential turned into a global scale. Currently, Google employs more than 20,000 people in several countries, has revenues of 10 billion and profits of 3 billion dollars annually. Today, the corporation is revolutionizing the approach to performing duties, it is also famous for its relaxed working climate, unusual privileges for employees and the business principle "don" t be evil ("do not do evil" / "do not be evil"). will become commonplace.