MultiSport cards - a benefit that motivates you to work?

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MultiSport cards are present in the incentive systems of almost all international corporations. Smaller entrepreneurs are just getting to know them and are testing whether this type of benefits will work as a motivational stimulus in their company. Non-wage benefits are not always effective in increasing employee motivation - it is money that still plays a dominant role in increasing the productivity of employees. Are MultiSport cards an effective motivator, stimulating enthusiasm for work? Is it worth being interested in them?

MultiSport cards - a program targeted at employers

For some time, employers have noticed that a healthy and well-rested employee is more efficient and effective in the workplace. Such a person is creative, can easily concentrate on the tasks to be performed, and performs the assigned duties quickly and accurately. Physical activity helps to reduce tension and stress that arise at work. People who exercise regularly are in better mental shape and less likely to experience burnout or depression.

Benefit Systems has noticed the need to encourage employees to be physically active by introducing MultiSport cards. It is a sports and recreation program targeted at employers. Individuals cannot purchase a multi-sport pass on their own. You need to be employed in a company that has introduced MultiSport cards to its incentive system in order to benefit from them. On its website, Benefit Systems states that program participants can currently use 4,000 sports and recreational facilities located in 650 Polish cities.

Employer Benefits

According to a survey conducted in 2011 by Benefis Systems, 46% of entrepreneurs offered their employees full or partial subsidies for sports activities. 70% of people with MultiSport cards indicated that thanks to the program they use sports and recreation facilities more often and spend more time on physical activity. 90% of employees pointed out that having a multisport subscription contributed to an increase in loyalty to the employer. The way he is perceived has also changed. Large corporations that join the program created by Benefit Systems are perceived as enterprises caring for the health and mental condition of their employees.

On the other hand, a study conducted by Grafton Recruitment in 2014 shows that sports cards are in second place among the most desirable benefits in the workplace (42% of respondents indicated the need for their presence in the incentive system). Only private healthcare is a more important motivator for people in employment.

However, MultiSport cards are perceived by employees as a mandatory element of the incentive system. When asked to indicate the benefits that made the greatest impression on them, the respondents mentioned:

  • additional days off,

  • company car,

  • co-financing for studies,

  • foreign training courses,

  • holidays abroad for yourself and your family,

  • integration trips,

  • relaxation rooms.

No link to increased physical activity?

Although research conducted by Benefit Systems shows that thanks to the MultiSport cards, employees participate much more often in sports activities, the reality is somewhat different. HR specialists perceive two types of employees: those who got hooked on the program offered by Benefis Systems and actually increased their physical activity, and people with the so-called straw enthusiasm - paying for the card but not using it. It turns out that you need to motivate their holders to use MultiSport cards.

People who have cheaper cards (about PLN 30) are not always convinced to attend sports classes. The expense they have to cover in order to maintain membership in the program is so small that they do not mind paying for the card and not using it. In turn, employees who have a much more extensive package have to pay more. And if they decide to keep the MultiSport card, they actively use it.

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Is it worth introducing MultiSport cards in a company?

The results of the presented research indicate that MultiSport cards motivate employees to work and, above all, increase their loyalty to the employer. Thanks to this, you can avoid problems with high employee turnover. What's more, the employed assess the entrepreneur cooperating with Benefit Systems as caring about the health of its employees.

It can also be said that MultiSport cards have become a kind of obligatory element of non-wage incentives. Employees want to be able to participate in the Benefit Systems program. Whether the cards will increase physical activity is a separate question. However, participation in the program itself is an incentive to work more efficiently.

Currently, MultiSport cards do not distinguish a given employer. Employees are more likely to appreciate private healthcare and other benefits, such as remote work, additional days off or a company car.

If you are wondering whether to introduce MultiSport cards into your incentive system, there are a few things to consider:

  • see the Benefit Systems offer. Remember that the costs you will have to cover in connection with the participation in the program depend on how many employees join it,

  • see which sports facilities have joined the Benefit System program in the city where your headquarters is located or nearby, if the company is located in a large city. Some employees would like to go to the gym or swimming pool immediately after work,

  • Talk to employees and find out if they would like to use their cards. Perhaps they are expecting slightly different motivators from you.