Planning your own professional career: Career and the labor market (part 3)

Service Business

Copywriter? Fleet manager? Area window dresser? These are just some of the jobs that we can apply to today, and about which we had no idea a dozen or so years ago. The labor market changes from month to month and no one can predict what it will look like in the future.

The labor market is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable business sectors in the world. In the past, employers were looking for seamstresses, purse makers, welders, cooks or even office workers. Today? For example, positions such as Sales Executive, IT Developer, Implementation Specialist or New Business Manager are on top. What does this show? What are the tendencies of the labor market? Check!

Labor market - development trends

What professions will be popular in a dozen or so years? What qualifications will be useful? What decision is to be made by a person who is looking for an idea for himself and does not know what studies to choose? A few years ago, it was rightly predicted that the occupations of the future would be, above all, all those related to the IT industry. Indeed, all IT positions in the broadest sense are now among the best paid. In IT, companies compete with each other for good IT specialists, not IT specialists for jobs. Will this also be the case in the future? Hard to say. The labor market is so dynamic that the trends may change from month to month. In order to answer such a difficult question, you need to carefully observe the global economy, know the directions of development of industries and react to all, often very quick, changes.

Labor market - public and non-public vocational support institutions

Both public and private labor market institutions are designed to mitigate the effects of unemployment and seek professional activation of the unemployed. In addition, they should strive to develop human resources and achieve high-quality work and increase its mobility.

Until recently, the easiest way to find a job was to leave the application and CV in certain places in person or by looking for a job on recommendation. In some cases, after graduating from vocational school, students were directed directly to a specific workplace. How is it now?

In the age of the Internet, everything seems much simpler. You can search for work in front of your computer screen all over the world. Moreover, we are not alone, and all job placement institutions function more and more effectively. In addition to public employment services (such as the voivodeship or poviat labor office), less known voluntary labor corps (they operate mainly for young people at risk of social exclusion) and private employment agencies also gain a voice. The latter professionally provide services not only in the field of job placement itself, but also career counseling and personnel consulting.

It should also not be forgotten that there are still special institutions of social dialogue, such as trade unions or non-governmental organizations cooperating with public institutions.

Professions of the future - flexibility and openness to changes

The latest research proves that in the coming years, technical professions related to the IT, banking and telecommunications markets will continue to be appreciated. Professions such as a welder or a machine operator, whose representatives are now becoming less and less numerous, may also return to favor. Knowledge of languages ​​will also be very important.

For some time now, international corporations have been expanding into Poland and this tendency is unlikely to change in the coming years. When looking for a job, flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances will also be important - whether it is related to the need to change the city or even the country in which we will work, or even to accept various forms of employment. Large corporations expect their employees to be ready for business trips or even a change of residence. They also often offer foreign contracts or propose self-employment instead of the most popular employment contract until recently. It requires us to adapt to the market and accept these changes, otherwise many promising positions may simply pass us by.

Openness to changes is one of the most important values ​​in the current labor market. If we want to successfully pursue a previously designated career path, we must be prepared and open to relocations and related changes. Reflexes and spontaneity are also important. Just one decision taken at the right time may allow us to make a milestone on the professional path. You shouldn't miss such a chance.