Fall Solstice - 5 ways to beat it

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Autumn is fast approaching, the days are getting shorter, it is more often gray and gloomy, and we are succumbing to the fall depression. Not only is our mood lowered, but also our immunity and we catch a cold faster. How to prepare for the season and not get bogged down? Discover 5 ways to make the fall solstice!

Eat foods that boost your immune system

A proper diet is very important. It is not always best to take vitamin pills. Let's choose products that will naturally strengthen the work of our immune system in the fall. What to enrich the diet? Lemon, which in addition to a large number of antioxidants, is rich in vitamin C. Also, garlic turns out to be an important product, as it can cope with the first symptoms of a cold. It is considered a natural antibiotic not without exaggeration. Ginger will also help you fight colds. We also eat pickled cucumbers and cabbage.

A healthy sleep is the way to the autumn solstice

Sleep is extremely important. Fatigue will reduce our efficiency and resistance. A tired person becomes more prone to infections. In addition, the level of concentration drops and we feel much worse. Remember to get enough sleep in autumn. Before going to bed, let's also try not to use computers or smartphones, which interfere with healthy rest. Let's turn everything off at least two hours before going to bed.

Don't get lazy

If we let our brain become lazy, it will certainly be more difficult in the fall to return to its full fitness and focus on the activities performed. Let's try not to give in to boredom. These actions can be supported, for example, with preparations containing lecithin.

Take care of yourself

As cliché as it sounds, a good protection against the blues of autumn is taking care of yourself. Let's go to the beautician, take advantage of the SPA, exercise in the gym, do a manicure, change the hairstyle. We will certainly feel better in a nice outfit and relaxed. Spending autumn on the couch in sweatpants will make even going to work a difficult task.

Cleanse the body of toxins

Our body can be polluted, and autumn is the perfect time to get rid of toxins. Change your diet, choose products that will help you detox, drink plenty of water, and always have green tea on hand. You will certainly feel better and your complexion will regain its radiance.

Autumn is difficult for the body, but there are many ways to counteract it. Let's take care of ourselves and our health, and the short, gray days will certainly not spoil our mood.