Service quality - what impact does it have on the company's operations?


Regular customers recommending your company to their next friends, satisfied contractors signing new contracts - the dream of every entrepreneur. But as you know, nothing is for free in this world. To gain, you have to give something from yourself and here the decisive voice is the quality of service for both the customer and the contractor.

High quality of service - what can you gain from it?

As a business owner, remember that the first impression is almost always the most important. It determines whether the customer will want to use your company's services again in the future.

You think, "Eh, it's just one dissatisfied person after all." Nothing could be further from the truth, one dissatisfied person can turn into dozens of lost customers. Let's assume that a potential consumer enters a restaurant, sits down at a table and waits for a menu, after several minutes he gets it, then he has to wait again for the order to be accepted, and then for it to be fulfilled, and waits, waits, waits until he finally leaves nervous.

Then it turns out that this potential consumer was supposed to meet his fiancée here today, and tomorrow he wanted to bring a few more friends, who would in turn recommend the restaurant to their friends. And in this simple way the group of potential buyers would grow. Meanwhile, the poor quality of service reversed this process, because a dissatisfied customer will not only not come back here anymore, not only will not bring anyone else, but will also dissuade other potential consumers from using the services of a given restaurant.

As the consumer market develops, the expectations of customers grow, and the requirements for the quality of service grow with them. Yes, consumers enter the store with the desire to buy a specific product, but whether they will eventually buy it will be determined by the quality of service, i.e. the so-called soft sphere, which in the era of increased competition and the opinion-forming power of the Internet becomes a key factor. The product itself and its promotion are no longer as important as they used to be, now what matters most is the skillful service of the consumer. When we become participants in the market game, where the competition is still watching, the quality of service turns out to be an effective tool for attracting customers to other companies, increasing market share, and often also improving financial results. Therefore, teams working directly with the client must be aware of the attitudes and behaviors that build the image of high-quality service in the eyes of the client.

Entrepreneurs should begin to adhere to the only right words of Tom Peters:

"Customer perception creates the only reality in which companies operate. '

Consequently, market success will be those companies that take a closer look at the diverse needs of consumers and are better prepared than their competitors to meet their needs. Therefore, it is worth implementing a certain system of increasing the quality of service into the business structure. This is accompanied by structural changes, such as elimination of an excessive number of professional levels and improvement of the internal climate and culture of the company. Which in turn results in the efficient and conflict-free operation of the entire business organism, and then it is easier to manage the company. Employee motivation and efficiency increase. Increasing the quality of service improves the image of the company, and therefore the number of customers increases. In addition, reduced fluctuation regulates the company's budget - sales increase, and the number of complaints decreases.

Each of us likes to be treated with due respect. Therefore, business owners should not only provide their employees with clear guidelines on how to deal with the client and organize their work well, but also ensure good relations within the company, because the positive attitude of subordinates translates into their efficiency, and thus also the quality of service. customer.

The consumer also has many rights guaranteed by the Act of May 30, 2014 on consumer rights. In addition, the Civil Code indicates a number of provisions on liability, including for improper performance of the service. However, apart from applying the law, it is undoubtedly worth taking care of courtesy towards the client and a positive attitude.