What are the possibilities of internal communication in the company?

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It seems obvious how important the role of a good team is in building the success of the entire company. People are roots, a solid foundation for further actions, and without their involvement it is difficult to make the brand reach the top. You might think that a good marketing campaign is enough to sell a product, and employees are just the people to create it - nothing could be further from the truth. How outsiders see the company often depends on the opinion of the employees. That is why internal communication in the company, i.e. the so-called internal PR, is so important. What tools are worth using and what is it about? We answer!

How does internal communication in the company help?

It's no secret that people who are involved in their activities, feel good in the company, value the atmosphere and clear flow of information work much better and more effectively. If a person is constantly informed about the latest trainings, courses, literature, events related to other colleagues - they feel a member of a given community and increase their identification with the company.

As we have already mentioned, people are a very important part of businesses. It's hard to imagine that something is selling well, that a company is successful, when it is not supported by a well-coordinated team. For that to be the case, it is worth not to forget about internal communication. Properly conducted, it can be treated as one of the incentive systems.

Why is internal communication in the company important?

Imagine a situation in which employees learn about a company's crisis, for example, from the press - not from the manager, management, because in the office it seems that everything flows unchanged. What can employees think? They will certainly feel insecure, stressed out, confused and in some way may feel just simply cheated. If something happens in the company, regardless of whether it is bad or good, employees should find out about it right away. They are the ones who can check that the crisis will be averted and that success will be put to good use. They just need to know that their opinion counts and the company is open to their suggestions. It is really important to show the employee that his voice on the issue is important. Usually, in such a situation, he feels more identified with the place where he works, which significantly increases productivity and motivation to continue performing tasks.

In internal communication, the way of conveying information is also important, and should be as closely tailored to the recipient as possible. The employee should not feel like a stranger and must understand exactly what the person means. It simply misses the point to use language that is not appropriate to the situation and tools that are completely inappropriate for a given group.

An employee appreciates the fact that someone cares for him in some way, treats him as an individual, not another person on the list. Proper communication can make him feel really special, which will most likely result in passing a good opinion about the company further, even beyond it. It is worth bearing in mind that employees also influence the perception of the company by other people. So the better they feel, the better opinions will circulate about a given place.

Contacts between the company and former and potential employees are also important. In the first case, there are no major doubts - it almost never happens that someone leaves the company and forgets that they worked for it. The opinion is still being issued. So the better the process of leaving it, the more likely it is that the information passed on will be positive. In the case of potential candidates, it is important to clearly communicate the requirements and description of the recruitment process. If such a person leaves the meeting confused, not knowing what he has just learned, he may conclude that the company is not trustworthy, and as you know - people more often want to share such opinions than praise.

Internal communication - tools

How to conduct internal communication? What tools are there for her? In fact, there is freedom here and a lot depends on the specifics of the company. At stake, however, are primarily such tools as posters and information leaflets, meetings, company television, intranet (including company forums, chat, etc.), newsletters and mailing. Internal communication also includes integration trips and various games or actions in which employees are involved.

First of all, it is worth remembering in this case not to go to extremes and choose the tool that will be the most effective, but at the same time will not suffer the company's finances. The point is for employees to receive information in the best way for them, if we find one, it is not worth using a few others that will not change anything anyway, except that they will reduce our budget.

The effectiveness of internal communication

How to check that internal communication works as it should? It is possible to conduct a special audit, but it is worth bearing in mind that it is expensive, so its frequent performance is not profitable. There should be people in the company responsible for internal communication who will be open to what is happening among employees, will listen to what they want to convey to them and draw conclusions from it.

Internal communication can be a big step to success, which is why you should care so much about how information flows in our company. If employees feel comfortable in it, they will certainly not want to hide it, and a good opinion is extremely important.