What is the most popular leasing subject in Poland?

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Polish entrepreneurs love leasing. The available data show that in 2013, fixed assets worth more than PLN 35 billion were financed in this way. This is 13% more than the year before! What is the most popular leasing subject in Poland?

What can be leased?

A lease contract can apply to virtually anything that is necessary to run a business.Therefore, these will be machines, cars (passenger cars and trucks), production and technological lines, office equipment, computer equipment, real estate, and even ... employees.

What do the regulations say about it? Pursuant to the Civil Code, the subject of leasing may be both a movable and immovable property, serving the user's commercial purposes, as well as an investment good, in the accounting of enterprises called a fixed asset.

Cars are still the most popular leasing subject in Poland

As shown by the data collected by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) as part of the study of the activity of 123 leasing companies, vehicles are in the lead among leasing objects. It turns out that in 2013, means of road transport accounted for as much as 63.8%. all leasing contracts. Among the vehicles leased during this period:

  • 49% were passenger cars,

  • 15.5% were trucks and vans.

What else do we lease?

In addition to road transport, Polish entrepreneurs were interested in the following leasing subjects:

  • industrial machinery and equipment (constituting 26.5% of all concluded contracts), including:

    • agricultural machinery,

    • construction equipment,

    • metalworking machines,

    • machines for the production of plastics,

    • machines for the food industry,

    • forklifts,

  • real estate (representing 4.8% of the value of new contracts), including:

    • facilities used by trade and services,

    • industrial buildings

  • computers and office equipment (totaling 1.7%).