How to increase sales in the online store?

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Getting a customer is not an easy task. It is not made easier by the constantly changing industry trends and changes in Google algorithms, thanks to which the store, clearly visible in the search results, can quickly sleep to a much lower position. How to increase sales in the online store? Check!

There are a lot of techniques to increase sales in the store, and the decision to use one of them should be carefully considered, taking into account the specificity of a given company. Regardless of the industry in which it operates and to which group it addresses its offer, it is worth following a few universal principles when developing a campaign. Here are the top 5.

Focusing the promotion on a few products

This strategy works well for both small and large stores. In order for the improvement in the number of orders placed to be really visible, we should carefully consider the selection of particularly promoted products. These can be selected according to various criteria. Sometimes it is a good solution to display the products that are most popular in a given industry. Even better results can be brought by marketing based on products that our store is the exclusive distributor on the Polish market or which are difficult to find in our country.

Google Ads - effective advertising for a small store

The selection of the appropriate channels for promoting the store is equally important. Entrepreneurs operating in the e-commerce sector most often choose Google Ads as their main platform, and it should come as no surprise. The Google service allows you to reach people interested in a given industry and the assortment we offer, which automatically translates into better conversion and better optimization of expenses. The second advantage will be felt the more that we charge for the effect (for example, clicking on an advertisement).

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SEO. Search engine friendly store

Advertising in Google Ads is absolutely necessary, but we should not forget that a large part of the traffic reaches the store directly in the search results. This is the best reason to ensure your website content is SEO optimized. For this purpose, we should create unique descriptions for each product (even if these are only slightly different from the others available in our offer) and make room for engaging and useful content for customers - preferably by setting up a company blog with tips, news and product reviews.

How to motivate customers to buy more?

Attracting customers to your store's website is only part of the success. An effective way to increase sales is also to persuade customers to buy other products. For this purpose, the following techniques can be used, for example:

  • offering free shipping above a certain price threshold;

  • cross-selling: Enter fields such as "Others also bought", "We also recommend" or "Don't forget" to display product suggestions related to which customer is currently buying.

The newsletter will help increase sales in the e-shop

Despite many changes in e-commerce, newsletters still remain one of the most effective methods of driving sales in online stores. Running campaigns based on them, however, requires building addresses of people potentially interested in our offer. These are best obtained on the store's website. To encourage customers to leave their email, it's best to offer them a discount on their next purchase or access to useful content (for example, in the form of an e-book).

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