How to become a coach

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A coach is a kind of mentor, a person who paves the way for the rest of the team, lifts them up and is able to motivate them to work efficiently. Coach is more than a profession - everyone cannot become one. Only a person with the appropriate character traits has the predisposition to become a coach. Of course, natural talents are accompanied by hard work and appropriate education. Find out how to become a coach!

Before we move on to a specific answer to this question, it is worth knowing the definition of coaching itself.

Socrates - the first coach

"Coaching - an interactive training process, through methods related to psychology, implementing the decision-making process to meet the needs, which helps individuals or organizations to accelerate the pace of development and improve the effects of action, achieve goals. Coaches work with clients in the areas related to business, career development. , finances, health and interpersonal relations. Thanks to coaching, clients set more specific goals, optimize their actions, make better decisions and use their natural skills more fully Coaching is a process whose main goal is to strengthen the client and support him in making the intended change independently based on for your own discoveries, conclusions and resources. " (Wikipedia)

Coaching is a proven way to support human resources in corporations. It is conducive to achieving the intended goals or deciphering problems, which translates into the company's efficiency and long-term business benefits.

Coaching has its roots in ancient times. It is derived from the Socratic teaching methods, which consisted in constantly asking questions. In modern times, the beginnings of coaching can be traced back to the University of Oxford. There was a special institution there with the aim of supporting students in their career development.

Coach, the perfect trainer

The name "coach" comes from the English language and means a trainer. This applies to a sports coach who is able to capture the hearts of players with his motivational speeches. The trainer himself is an experienced and competent person. The training, on the other hand, was to serve not only the development of the players' condition and technical efficiency, but also building their mental endurance and internal motivation. In the business world, this tactic is expected to translate from the coach.

The profession of a coach is specific, but at the same time unique. The coach must act as a negotiator who helps the other person to achieve the intended results in an effective and comfortable way.

Coach - how to become a coach?

In fact, each of us encounters coaching on a daily basis, without being aware of it. Many coaching techniques came from observing people whose support and advice turned out to be helpful in achieving success or solving problems.

How to easily find a natural coach:

  • people trust him,

  • he is driven by the will to help others,

  • is able to dispel people, helps to define their expectations,

  • accepts other people as they are - does not judge or criticize them,

  • believes in people, even when they don't do it themselves,

However, the vocation and character traits alone will not give the coach a job. It is worth investing in your development by enrolling in postgraduate studies or coaching training conducted by reputable companies. It is also important to get a certificate. The most recognized certificates in the coaching environment are:

  • International Coaching Community

  • International Coach Federation

The process of obtaining the above-mentioned certifications is related to the designated number of hours of training, documented practice, supervision or obtained references. It ends with a theoretical and practical exam - they certify the quality of the services offered. The certificate provides a good foundation for further development. And most importantly, it builds trust with potential customers.