How to organize work in the office?

Service Business

Good work organization is the basis for effective operation.If the tasks you have to perform take up too much time, there is a pile of documents on your desk, you forget about previous arrangements, you do several things at once and you feel chaos overwhelming - it means that it's time for a change.

Although each of us knows our responsibilities, the greater the variety, the more difficult it is to keep them in line during the eight compulsory working hours. A lot of things on your mind make it easier to overlook something. Of course, there are companies where a single unit has only a specific type of tasks, such as contact with the customer, sorting packages or only invoice accounting. However, the smaller the enterprise is, the more diverse tasks are performed per person. The lack of any plan and a lot of obligations means that we are constantly chasing their implementation, and the smallest mistake can cost us and the company a lot. It must be borne in mind that chaotic work makes us nervous, but can also affect our co-workers.

People who can plan their day at work in advance, set goals and implement them consistently are more effective. Eight hours can be enough time to complete all the tasks at work, as long as you have control of them. At the beginning, it is good to make a work plan, write down all your duties, deadlines for completing tasks, appointments. Then, it is worth assigning the amount of time needed to perform it to each of the tasks and setting priorities.

If meetings with contractors are the main task in our work, it is sometimes difficult to determine in advance how long it will take us. Some forks should then be included in the plan.

The prepared schedule of the day can be saved in the calendar or use more complex systems, such as CRM, in which, in addition to lists of tasks, you can create the entire database of contacts, save arrangements, reminders, etc. To use our work plan correctly, consistency in action is necessary.

Having organized tasks and a developed plan of action, it is also worth keeping your desk in order. It is our showcase. It is good to develop some habits, for example, to put the received contract immediately in a binder, write down the agreed date of the meeting in the schedule, forward the invoice to the accounting department, etc. If you are able to do something right away, you should do it. The more space the better.

When working at a computer with Internet access, there is a certain risk, this time of bad habits, such as browsing private e-mail or monitoring our friends' posts on Facebook. However, if you have a lot of responsibilities, such private breaks disrupt your work schedule and prevent you from concentrating on it. Hence, it is better to leave private things for the afternoon than to catch up with work after hours.

There is no doubt that well-planned work is more effective. Therefore, it is worth checking our calendar several times a day, and at the end of the day, check whether all tasks have been completed. Good organization and regularity affect the feeling that we have control over our working time and the performance of tasks, which will allow us to avoid unnecessary stress.