How to hire an HR specialist supporting HR systems?

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More and more companies implement their business processes based on modern technologies and systems that streamline a number of activities resulting from the standard activities of the organization. One of the most commonly used tools is HR and payroll software, which is the domain of the HR department. How to find employees who are able to handle processes with the help of this type of system?

HR systems - modern technology that automates HR processes

It has been known for a long time that the role of HR departments in large and smaller companies has long gone beyond the standard framework, well known to people who have been dealing with HR and payroll processes for years. The new expectations of business towards human resource management have forced the use of modern tools that significantly improve all processes, including not only hiring new employees, but also training them and carrying out standard activities related to employee administration.

That is why more and more organizations cannot imagine operating without high-quality and modern HR systems, which more and more often not only constitute a software set, but the entire infrastructure located in the cloud.

In which company are HR systems needed?

What company needs HR and payroll systems? First of all, those with more than 20 employees. The increasing number of administrative duties that an employee in a position in the HR department must take care of can get out of control at some point, especially if no process is automated. The greater the number of full-time employees, the more work HR specialists have. In such a situation, the only solution to congestion may be to hire a new specialist. But is there no other option? Yes, it is the implementation of an automated HR and payroll system, which will be performed by a large part of the work without employee supervision.

It is very important to train the staff along with the purchase of modern software. Sometimes an investment in a high-quality, functional HR system turns out to be a failure due to the fact that employees, through ignorance, do not use the potential of such a tool.

Specialists who know HR systems are urgently needed

Contrary to appearances, the HR and payroll system, although facilitated significantly by all processes taking place in human resource management departments, are not easy to use. The multitude of functionalities, many processes supported by the system, and sometimes only the English language version of the program make finding an HR specialist fluent in such a system quite a challenge.

Of course, people who have experience in working with HR systems should be able to deal with other software, but the number of experts with this knowledge on the labor market is not too large. This poses a considerable problem for an employer who wants to hire qualified HR specialists whose main responsibility would be to operate advanced HR systems. However, how to recruit, and even earlier, where to post a job advertisement that will be noticed by people specialized in this area?

How to find an HR specialist supporting HR systems?

Current job offers for the position of HR specialists always appear in the largest number on public portals with job offers. And this is where we should place the job advertisement in the first place.

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If we properly design the offer and describe in a very precise manner the obligations and expectations towards candidates, especially those related to the servicing of HR systems, there is a high probability that sooner or later one of the specialists with knowledge of the subject will submit an application to us. At the moment, employers can place a job offer on one of even thirty portals aggregating data on current job offers. However, are all of these portals characterized by similar effectiveness? Of course not. What's more, we can often witness a situation in which the portal offers paid services related to the placement of a job offer. Higher place in search results? Sponsored offer? These are just a few of the many options that will increase the effectiveness of our advertisement. Is it worth using such additional tools? Only if our recruitment has to be fast, or the object of our search are specialists with niche, very narrow competences. In such cases, paid, better advertisements have more clout and it is very likely that they will reach the right candidates faster.

Implementation of an HR employee to support the new HR system - is it a big challenge?

When employing an HR specialist whose main task will be to operate a modern HR system, do we have to worry about the costs of implementing it to work? It depends on the systems the employee has used in the past.

Over the last few years, the functionality of HR systems has evolved significantly, becoming a true center of human resource management in the company. If an employee has used HR systems in the past, there is a high probability that we will have to spend a lot of time and money in order for them to be able to freely carry out all processes using the software. However, if at the recruitment stage a specialist declared knowledge of several HR systems, including the most advanced ones, we should not be afraid of excessive problems with adapting it to our software.