Employing an employee via Skype is possible


Skype is a popular instant messaging service with which you can make calls anywhere in the world. It has many features, such as the ability to make free video and voice calls, instant messaging and file sharing with other users. The software is free to download and easy to use, plus you can use it on your mobile phone, computer and even your TV. Skype is a great convenience for international companies, because thanks to it you can easily organize a meeting with colleagues. From our article you will find out whether it is possible to hire an employee via Skype.

How to hire an employee from another country?

It often happens that a candidate's supervisor is in another, distant country or city, a teammate in another, and the HR Manager in another. A candidate who would like to participate in such a recruitment meeting would have to make a long, costly and tiring journey. Therefore, few people would decide to attend this type of meeting without being sure that the investment in the trip will be profitable.

In addition, on the part of recruiters, organizing a meeting would be costly if recruitment processes would require gathering staff from a different part of the country or the world. Currently, many international companies have decision-makers in various departments, not only in the headquarters, e.g. the head of the HR department is in Germany and the head of the IT department in Russia. In such a case, organizing a meeting would involve the need to devote additional time to travel (flight by plane may not last long, but you have to add time for travel to and from the airport, check-in, etc.).

Employee employment via Skype

So, in such a situation, how to efficiently verify the candidate's skills and competences and conduct the recruitment process with the participation of interviewers who are far away from each other?

Nowadays, modern technology and modern methods of communication come to our rescue, for example the aforementioned Skype. Through a group phone call, we have the opportunity to meet the candidate. Of course, the voice of the recruited person alone will not always help in making a decision. However, thanks to the option offered by Skype, i.e. a video call, recruiters can obtain a lot of additional information about the candidate. Mutual eye contact and real-time observation of the candidate's behavior allows you to establish a better relationship during the recruitment interview.