How to make money online? Choose the method that works best for you

Service Business

You can earn money via the Internet. The only question is how many. The best ones manage to get even a few thousand zlotys a month without leaving their home. Are you wondering how to make money online? Learn about several ways and evaluate which method is best for you.

First of all, you should approach earning money on the Internet with a lot of patience and regularity. Nobody gets a lot of money in a few days without putting in their work. It all depends on the commitment and ingenuity of the person surfing the web. The incentives of Internet principals with earnings of several thousand zlotys a day must be treated with a certain amount of caution. The best ones manage to earn this amount only in a month. There are many ways to earn money online, but it is worth choosing those that can bring the most financial benefits.


The fact that the work will be provided via the Internet does not mean that it cannot be performed under an employment contract. Since 2007, the legislator allows the possibility of performing official duties via the Internet. Teleworkers are subject to the Labor Code, which means that they have the same right to holiday and sick leave as people employed under classic rules.

This form of cooperation works best for IT specialists, computer graphic designers, web designers, editors of web portals, and for lawyers, accountants and marketers.

Own website

Having your own website makes earning money on the Internet much easier. Especially if the site is popular.However, before it reaches a satisfactory level of viewership, it is necessary to take care of its proper development. The priority task is to keep it up-to-date. There is nothing that discourages users more than outdated website content. Another important issue is website positioning. Without it, the website will be invisible on the Internet and you cannot make money on it. However, you can earn on the website in two ways, by selling advertising or selling services.

Google AdSense

Google Tools enables website publishers to quickly and easily display relevant, unobtrusive ads and, of course, earn money. Since your ads are tied to what users are looking for on your site, it offers the opportunity to earn money and enhance your website content at the same time. Registering to this system is quite simple. All you need to do is enter your details and contact information on the website, and the bank account provided during registration is immediately transferred with small money. On the other hand, the payment of the money earned through the advertising takes place when the revenue from the number of clicks exceeds the amount of $ 100. Usually, this ceiling is achieved within a month.

Partner Program

It consists in promoting on your own website the services offered by the selected company. Most often, affiliate companies pay for the number of clicks on the banner ad or a percentage of the number of products sold through the website. Thus, the greater the number of visits to the website, the greater the earnings. The most attractive partner companies are financial institutions, accounting firms and computer shops.

A good affiliate program is one that:

  • is based on a well-known, solid brand
  • offers a reasonable level of commission / remuneration, allowing you to collect at least the minimum amount of payout in some perspective
  • it has regulations and clear rules of cooperation guaranteed by a real, strong company
  • is applicable and the offered product is of interest to the website visitors


Another way to make money online is to complete paid surveys. It is important to state your interests. This is because the subject matter of the forms will depend on this information. Completing it takes some time, but there is real money for it. Usually, the remuneration ranges from PLN 0.50 to PLN 5 for a completed survey. The drawback of this work system is the long waiting time for surveys in accordance with the preferences provided. It is therefore worth treating this as an additional source of income.


In this way, the easiest way is to earn money, because simply surfing the net is enough. You only need to move the mouse or click on the keyboard, and the money is charged automatically. However, it is necessary to install a surfbar in the form of a plug-in, usually in the form of a flashing advertising banner at the edge of the monitor image. No need to click on links or ads. There are also no restrictions on the number of installed surfbars. This means you can benefit from multiple sources at the same time. However, the salary rates are not very encouraging, you can earn only 30 to 50 zlotys per month.


This is one of the most attractive forms of earning money on the web. Selling via the Internet increases the possibilities of reaching potential recipients of products or services, while reducing the costs associated with running stores, promotion and advertising. New distribution channels offer global internet portals such as Allegro and eBay, reaching millions of users. Selling via the Internet is extremely simple, you only need to register on the auction portal and list the goods.

It's best to start your salesperson career by listing cheap items or applying various promotions. In this way, credibility and positive customer comments are gained. Over time, you can increase the value of the transaction and start a real expansion.

Freelancer - freelancer

Freelancering is self-employment. There are a lot of auction classifieds websites on the web, specializing in order brokerage. The salary of freelancers is impressive, they can get even several thousand zlotys for the implementation of the task. Work on these platforms can be found mainly by programmers, webmasters, copywriters, administrators, graphic designers, photographers and translators.

stock market

A good way to multiply and invest your earned money is to play the stock market. However, e-brokerage can prove fatal if proper care is not taken. First of all, it is worth investing small amounts, but in different funds and companies. Secondly, it is worth taking advantage of expert advice on the rules of investing. You can also discuss on investment forums and exchange your views with long-term e-exchange users. This will reduce the risk of business failure.

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This way of raising money can hardly be called earning. Rather, it is a type of entertainment and relaxation that should not involve more than 10% of your earnings. The wins can be huge, but there is also the possibility of losses. This is a game for people who know sports and have an understanding of the rules of betting on sports events.

A few tips on how to make money online

When starting your adventure with e-work, it is worth remembering a few basic rules. First of all, you should be vigilant and not be fooled by high earnings for little work. There are many bidders who prey on naivety and ignorance. You should also beware of spamming work, because it does not give you any income, and illegal mailing is punishable by criminal liability. However, it is worth taking advantage of the offers of proven principals and institutions of general reach.

You also always have to be flexible and try to follow the trends prevailing on the Internet, if one of the companies starts an intense advertising campaign on television, they will probably earn more from its affiliate program on the web.