How to set up a profile in e-court?


What can we use an e-court profile for?

The e-court profile is a very beneficial solution for entrepreneurs (creditors), as it enables a much faster and more efficient resolution of a dispute with contractors (debtors). Moreover, such proceedings are conducted in an electronic form (EPU), which is another privilege consisting in not having to appear in person in person. Undoubtedly, the economic factor is also important, as electronic writ of payment procedure (EPU) is characterized by relatively low costs compared to traditional court methods of debt recovery.

Profile in e-court - step by step

The first step to set up a profile in e-court is to go to the website Another - submitting an application for an account. We will do this by clicking the "Register an account" tab, located in the main menu at the top of the page.

Then we will have to choose the type of account to be created from among three options: basic account, bailiff's account, court employee's account (select the correct type and click "Next").

If we choose the type of account to be registered, we will be asked to fill in detailed information about ourselves, i.e. first name, middle name, surname, family name, place of birth, PESEL number, identity card, ID number and series, e-mail address.

It is also important to choose the appropriate profile of our account, for which we will be asked, we also choose from among the three types of profile presented to us, ie basic profile, mass plaintiff profile, professional representative profile (select the appropriate one and click "Next").

After correctly filling in your personal data and selecting the type of profile corresponding to us, we will be redirected to the section called "System access data", where we must set a password to our profile (minimum 8 characters), and fill in the "Question and answer" field - these are auxiliary security in case we forget the password.

We will also be asked to rewrite the text from the image in the appropriate box - it will be a protection against malware. The last step is to read the instruction and click on the "Submit application" button.

In the event that the form filled in by us contained deficiencies, they will be shown on the website. In such a case, complete it, re-enter the code from the picture and click the "Submit application" button again. If all the data discussed above has been entered correctly, a message should appear stating that the application will be verified within 2 business days, and a link to activate our account will be sent to the e-mail address provided by us. This means that the application was sent electronically to the e-Court and information about the account creation should be expected, which will be sent to the e-mail address provided when completing the application. The last step is to enter your e-mail address and click on the activation link sent to us from the e-court. Only after activating the account will it be possible to use the profile.

In the case of a professional attorney and court employee, an additional application for confirmation of entitlements in paper form is required, to be examined by the President of the District Court in Lublin.