E-book: How to start a business?


For everyone who is tired or bored with a full-time job, starting your own business will be a great alternative. Regardless of your professional experience, it is worth considering this possibility, but before making a final decision, you should carefully read the legal regulations regarding setting up a business. Read the article and find out how to start a business.

Everything about business - how to start a business?

Starting a business that brings profit and satisfaction to the owner must start with a good idea. It should not only be original, but also hit the market gap. The future entrepreneur should investigate the situation and find out whether the recipients will need a given good or service, because the success of the undertaking depends on it.

If we are sure that our company will have a chance to emerge and develop, we can start registering the company. If we have decided on a simplified form of running an enterprise, it should be reported to the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity by submitting the CEIDG-1 form. However, if we decided that the appropriate form will be a partnership or capital company, an entry should be made in the National Court Register.

How to finance a business activity?

Lack of funds is a problem faced by many budding entrepreneurs. Also, the fear of losing financial liquidity is the reason for the relatively low number of new enterprises. However, this should not scare someone with a good business plan - there are various forms of raising capital available on the market. The founder of the company can choose between various loans and leases. It can also apply for subsidies, for example from the employment office, or subsidies under EU programs.

How to settle accounts with the tax office and ZUS?

Running your own business undoubtedly imposes many additional obligations towards ZUS and the tax office, but they are not as onerous as it generally seems. The most important tasks of the entrepreneur will be the correct calculation of income tax receivables (PIT or CIT) and value added tax (VAT), as well as the calculation and payment of insurance premiums.

How to manage a team?

Own company is also people. Along with the development of the company, the demand for new employees will probably also increase, and a good entrepreneur should also be able to manage subordinates.

Not everyone has leadership skills, but you can learn to lead people effectively. It is in your own interest, therefore, to broaden your knowledge of negotiation, management and interpersonal relations.

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