How to behave during a business dinner?

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Often, as part of your business, it is necessary to participate in business meetings. It is during their lifetime that important decisions are made. What are the rules, for example, during a business dinner? How to behave in order not to make a "blunder"? Here are some tips.

Purpose of the meeting

The purpose of a business meeting or dinner is to discuss important professional issues. Therefore, it is important to be serious. The romantic music or the relaxed atmosphere at the table may be a deception, but the purpose of the meeting should still be kept in mind.

Choosing the right meeting point

In a situation where we play the role of the host, it is worth considering the selection of the appropriate meeting place. For example, you can locate a few good restaurants and see if their atmosphere is conducive to "doing business." It is necessary to make a reservation for the appropriate number of people. It is also worth paying attention to whether the invited people smoke cigarettes in order to choose the right room. Once these issues are settled, people can be seated appropriately to make them feel comfortable.


The host should behave in accordance with the rules of savoir-vivre, so after taking your seat you should spread a napkin on your lap. It is inelegant to put it by a shirt or belt.

Relaxed atmosphere at the beginning of the meeting

In order for people participating in the meeting to feel at ease, it is worth relaxing the atmosphere at the beginning with topics other than professional. Only after ordering a meal can you cut to the chase by discussing business topics.

Respect for restaurant service

The restaurant staff should be approached in a polite manner, as inappropriate statements may make the surroundings perceive us badly.

A definite host

A host booking a restaurant of their choice should know what dishes they specialize in so that they can advise their companions. Thinking about the choice of the dish for too long is not recommended. Please note that the guest has priority in ordering.

Food selection

Choosing an unfamiliar dish is not the best decision. When this turns out to be not very tasty, do not express your negative opinion about the restaurant or the service out loud. This may deteriorate the atmosphere. Also, do not return the food - the exception is when it is completely unfit for consumption.

"Handling" with cutlery

There are two common ways to hold cutlery:

  • American - the knife is held in the right hand and the fork in the left hand with the teeth down, after cutting max. three pieces of the knife should be put on the plate and the fork placed in the right hand, teeth facing up,

  • continental - similar to the American style except that the fork is not placed in the right hand and lifted to the mouth with the teeth down, the knife in the right hand can be used to place food on the fork.

End of meal

The end of the meal is signaled by the correct position of the cutlery: the knife and fork should be placed in parallel at 10 o'clock and 4 o'clock, the knife on the top with the handle pointing towards 4 o'clock.

Bill and tip

The host who invited to the table should settle the bill. The guest's gender is then irrelevant. You should also remember to leave a tip, which is usually 15-20%. prices.

Thanks to the host

The host who organized the meeting is to be thanked. This can be done in person or by letter.