How to implement an effective data backup in the company?


Backup - when, how, is it worth it?

When it comes to backup, the main question is how to implement it, not whether it makes sense to invest in it at all. The usefulness of data backup devices is unquestionable. Each year new computer threats appear, often targeting enterprises. Losing data due to a hacking attack can cost a business multi-million dollar, not to mention paralyzing work for a long time. In addition, it is still not possible to create a failure-free hardware or a reliable operating system, so you should be very careful with the issue of information security.

Data backup - what to pay attention to

Here are some tips to help you build a cheap and effective backup system:

  • The selection of equipment is key. In order to perfectly match the archiving equipment to the scale of your needs, it is worth employing an integration company. The best solution is to put on one common backup system, because fragmenting into several types may bring compatibility problems. Such consolidation will make it easier to control devices and software, because everything will be controllable from one place.
  • Go for an incremental backup. This is a method of backing up only those files that have not been modified since the last backup. In other words - the system copies only what has recently "grown". This technology can be used in file systems as well as virtual environments and databases.

  • Use solutions that use deduplication. This way, you save a lot of disk space as deduplication eliminates redundant information. Some data on storage media may be repeated, therefore it is not worth copying them.
  • Centralization is the best idea for virtual environments. The use of such a formula significantly reduces the time of implementing and controlling archiving processes.
  • Choose Backup Appliance solutions that are proven and easy to implement (preconfigured). Their great advantage is the short time, after which the company receives comprehensive protection against data loss.

A good backup system is a big expense for the company, but you shouldn't try to force savings, because they can have fatal consequences in the future. Better think about how you can cut costs wisely - for example, by investing in a more cost-effective technology.