How to check the credibility of the company?

Service Business

The economic crisis that has existed for a long time, both on the Polish and international markets, raises many concerns among entrepreneurs and doubts as to the reliability of their contractors. More and more often you hear about failing companies, not only small ones, but also companies that have been operating on the market for many years. Before concluding a transaction with an unknown entity, it should be carefully checked, for example in terms of solvency.

At the very beginning, it is worth looking for information about the contractor you are interested in using the Internet, paying particular attention to Internet forums. There may be opinions about the company, the ways in which it operates and the position it occupies in its industry. It is also worth contacting contractors who already have some experience in cooperation with a given company. To be sure, you can also ask the contractor with whom we plan to make a transaction to provide a certificate from the tax office confirming that he has no tax arrears and information about non-payment of social security contributions.

Verifying NIP and REGON numbers

On the website of the Central Statistical Office you can find a search engine for national economy entities - REGON register. By entering the NIP number or REGON number of the contractor, we obtain basic information about his enterprise, in particular his data, registered office address, identification numbers and the entry number in the KRS register. It is a quick way to verify the existence of the subject.

CEIDG records

The Central Register and Information on Economic Activity is a list of entrepreneurs who are natural persons operating in Poland. The records provide information on entities, address details of places of business. However, the taxpayer will not obtain information about the contractor's place of residence, because it concerns the sphere of private life, and therefore keeping it secret serves to ensure the safety of the entrepreneur and his family. The exception is the situation in which a natural person conducts business activity in the place of residence.

Pursuant to Art. 33 of the Act of 2 July 2004 on the freedom of economic activity, it is presumed that the data entered in CEIDG are true.

KRS register

In the event that an entrepreneur entered into the National Court Register is to be the taxpayer's future contractor, information about his credibility will be included in the KRS register. It is enough to use the search engine on the website of the Ministry of Justice. All data contained in the register are public and access to it is free of charge for everyone along with the free printout download function.

KRD Economic Information Bureau

For every entrepreneur, it is important to know whether a given contractor is reliable in terms of financial solvency. For these purposes, the National Debt Register Office of Economic Information SA, which operates on the basis of the Act on the provision of economic information and exchange of economic data. Via the Internet, the taxpayer gains access to information whether a given contractor, client or any other company has not been included in the list of debtors.

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